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The “Do”Seum

When we picked up the season pass to the zoo we found out that there are times throughout the year that the DoSeum allows you in for free.  The same could be said for the season pass holders for the DoSeum with the Zoo.  If you are wondering what the heck a DoSeum is, well it is similar to "please touch" Museums or any other kids museum that has hands-on activities throughout.
When you walk in there is a giant version of one toy I was thinking about getting Bear for Christmas.  He seemed to have fun trying to put the jumbo snowflakes together.  They were a little awkward for him to handle at first.  When he got the hang of it he had a bunch of fun.  We needed to push him to move on to the next play area.

The Spy Room was more than a bit over Bears head, but we decided to check it out anyway.  When you enter you pick a card that sends you to various different clues.  Your goal is to come up with the correct number sequence to get you into a "secure" room.  We played a…

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