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A kiddie Kitchen for Eve

A little while ago a few people asked me about the small kitchen set that we got Eve.  There aren't many 6-36 mo kitchen toys for kids these days, but I have managed to find a few of them.  On the market now are a few similar ones to the kitchen set that I picked up used for Eve.  However, they seem to all be a single piece that doesn't open up the way this fisher price Laugh and Learn Kitchen one does.  
She enjoys crawling around and playing with the various part of the kitchen set.  It's very interactive with cause and effect elements with added songs for encouragement.

Eve loves the music and various songs the toy makes. She has figured out most of them at this point but she has a clear preference for the flip book on the inside and the faucet.

The shape sorter (when closed), oven, and trash can all drop the items into the yellow tray.  She is able to then find the items easily to repeat the task.  Since it was used I made sure the extra items were all there.  The mixing …

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