Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sellers That Suck!

When I look for used items on the Facebook marketplace or other buy/sell groups there are a few pet peeves that I am seeing more and more lately.  Things as a buyer that make me think twice before trying to purchase your item.  Many of these pet peeves likely bother you as well.  If you are trying to sell something then take note of these common pitfalls when posting your next item.

1.  "Selling this for my daughter so she can get a new Nintendo DS."  Or any variation of this.

I'm glad you are teaching your little one how to manage money but frankly, I don't care why you are selling the toy or what the money is going towards.  I assume the reason for writing something like that is to tug at the heart strings to keep people from low balling.  If that's the case then just list the item with "firm on price" and leave the kid out of it.  A few want their child to have a more hands on role with it which is fine.  Then don't respond until after you talk with the child or know their parameters for what they want for that item.  


2. Pics of the item new from a random Amazon seller or any other place with an extremely high price tag.

I get it.  You want to recoup as much money as possible when selling something but I'm not paying THAT price brand new and definitely not for it used.  A lot of times this method is used to justify a higher price tag.  A quick google search will show the little people farm house you are selling that's four years old isn't worth the $45 you think it is.  I don't care if Amazon says that same one is $80.  The newest version is $40 from Target and I'll pick it up new instead. 

3.  "Selling this (Insert Pic of Box O' Crap) for $55.  Lots of great stuff for boys and girls!"

Posting an item for sale can take a little bit of time if you want to try to get decent money for your stuff.  However, snapping a pic of the random box of crap that you think is worth $55 is a joke. Unless I see what I deem as $55 worth of stuff that I want in plain sight, I'm not taking the risk.  Put in a little bit of effort.  Even if it is just spilling it all out onto the floor so everyone can see what's in there.  Snap a few extra pics of it all close-up, then toss it all back into the box.  I don't think that's asking too much.  You will likely get people asking you to do that anyway.  If you don't want to do that then price it super low. I mean low, under $10 at least!

4.  "Must take all" when nothing goes together. 

Infant stroller toys, kids DVDs, construction toys, coffee mugs, and a computer mouse do not belong in the same lot.  Break it up and put them in separate posts.  Take the price you thought it was all worth and divide it up.  Everything will likely be low and you are more likely to sell the crap.  If I want the stroller toys, I likely don't need or want everything else.  I'll pass and find those items from someone else. 

5.  Narrow pick up times

I hate when I offer up multiple times on multiple days to buy your item and none of them work.  My time is worth something too.  If you make it too hard for me to pick it up then your item starts to lose value.  If you can only meet a buyer between 7-8PM on Tuesdays because you are super busy then put it in the post so the buyer can plan to pick up during that time.  

Honourable mention:

Only posting a stock photo

Especially on used items.  Suck it up, take the time to pull the item out and snap a pic to put on the post.  It really is not that hard.  The buyer needs to see what it actually looks like.  If you don't want to post a current picture of the item, I am going to assume it's beat to hell, over priced, and not worth my time.  If you can't be bothered...then neither can I!  

What do sellers do that drives you nuts?


  1. I hate "must take all" posts! I see what you're doing, trying to unload stuff you can't sell. Quit being cray. I also hate when I post good pics and people ask "what color is it? is it new?" Of course its not new! I'm on a b/s/t page!

    1. I wish I could have used a real pic of some of the "must take all" things people try to sell instead of one I tried to create. It didn't quit capture how truly crappy some of these ads are. However you know exactly what I am talking about. I love how people don't read descriptions and ask info that stated in the ad. super fun!

  2. Ugh I don't want to know why someone is selling something either, that's tacky.

    1. Agreed. It's an interesting tactic but not needed if its a good item. If your kid never played with it the picture and quality of the item will reflect that. No real need to say it.


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