Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Drive Day 2&3 (TN to TX)

If you missed Day One of our move from NY to TX, you can find that here.


Day 2 - Knoxville, TN to Baton Rouge, LA

Day 2 of driving was marked with several eventful moments I won't soon forget.  We started off the morning slowly.  Eve had a rough night and didn't sleep much.  Considering she slept more in the car I am not shocked that she didn't want to sleep at night.  We took turns taking care of her at night so that we both got the sleep we needed to function in the morning.  We would be driving again and wanted to do so safely.  

While on the road we hit one spot of traffic from  bad accident.  Don't worry folks we were stopped in traffic when I took this picture.  I hope the no one was injured because it looked pretty bad from what I could see.  

After we got through the traffic we decided to have a pit stop.  We picked up food for Bear to eat while we drove.  Once we had gotten back on the road he took a break from eating to have a sip of water.  He placed his chicken fries on the box that was between the two kids.  I went around a turn and knocked his chicken into Eve's car seat.  While she can handle eating food like that I highly prefer she does so with supervision.  Bear freaked out that she had his food.  This meant I had to pull over on the side of a highway.  I quickly hopped out and tossed the chicken into Bears lap so that I could get away from the road to really clean them up.  Eve never actually took a bite, but it could have been bad.  When we got back on the road Bear handed me the chicken when he was done eating rather than putting them back on the box.

While in Mississippi we had one very scary moment.  I had a moving truck driving in front of me for a while.  We weren't in any hurry so I didn't bother to pass him.  We were about to drive under a bridge when an SUV going way too fast drove over the bridge with a trailer attached.  I watched the trailer bounce up in the air (sky under the tires), whip around hitting the SUV, then shoot across the empty lane and almost over the railing directly in front of us.  The truck in front of me locked up and my heart sank as everyone expected it to fall over.  Thankfully, it stopped but had it fell over it would have hit the top of the truck bed then right into us.  Needless to say when driving under every over pass after that I got a bit nervous.  It was a pretty scary moment.  The next day I was fine.

When we entered Louisiana I started to relax again knowing that we would be stopping there for the night.  Fewer hours on the road than the day before but we still made it to Baton Rouge, LA.  That was as far as we wanted to go that day.  We could have maybe pushed a bit further, but it was smarter to be safe about it all seeing as we had driven quite far already.

Eve had been awake most of the drive so she slept really well that night meaning we all slept better too.  After all, we had made it through Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and into Louisiana.  

Day 3 - Baton Rouge, LA to San Antonio, TX

The next morning we had one final push to get to San Antonio, TX.  It was a pretty easy morning since we all slept well.  I changed the show to Wallykazam which held the kid's attention better since they had not seen it in so long.  

One thing about the drive along I-10 is just how pretty the drive was.  I forgot how much I missed seeing the swampy rivers of Louisiana.  I swear my pictures don't do it justice at all!  

Seeing that Welcome to Texas sign gave us a much-needed boost in spirits.  The end was within reach.  We didn't have as long to go as we did the day before so we planned for a longer stop after we crossed into Texas.  We pulled into the gas station at about 2 pm so they were not very busy.  The kids were about to stand up and play in the car while they ate lunch. 

We ended up staying at the gas station for about an hour and a half altogether.  The dogs walked around, went to the bathroom, and had some water.  The leashes are on a mommy hook and clipped to the grate on the back of my car.  

Eve enjoyed her time playing around in the front seat.  She stole some of her brother's water and enjoyed some chicken nuggets.  She did so well on this trip I can't even begin to tell you! Bear struggled a bit since he did not nap at all any day of the trip.

Part of the longer stop was to allow Bears clothes to dry.  He decided to drink some water then let it dribble out of his mouth.  He was bored so I just needed to remind him that's not ok behavior.  The wet outfit until we could stop made the point very clear to him.  Yes, we had a change of clothes but he wanted the Under Armour like shorts and shirt.  I don't blame him as with 2 kids, 2 dogs and I all in one car in the middle of a Southern summer the A/C was struggling at times to keep up.  I put the clothes on the back of the car and it dried by the time we were ready to go.

Houston meant about 3 hours left of the trip.  The kids settled in and relaxed at this point of the trip.  They clearly were not thrilled with being in the car so long, but they handled it better than I anticipated.

I had spent some time in Texas when Hubs was stationed here when we were dating.  I remembered it being hot for the most part, but low humidity overall.  One of the things that I forgot about Texas was the massive over passes and multi lane highways.  I don't hate it, but it does take me some time to get used to it.  I'm sure I will have plenty of practice over the next 30 years. lol

Pulling up to the hotel meant we were all just done with being in the car.  We ended up on the top floor of the hotel over looking a construction site next door.  Bear loved the view from our hotel.  He has decided that he doesn't want to leave.  I hope he feels the same way about our new home as he does about this hotel.  The kids were very happy to play at the hotel and seemed happy overall.  


  1. Oh my gosh that is so scary what happened! I'm a nervous driver as it is and that would have me freaked out. I'm so glad you all made it safely though.

    1. I was on the phone with Hubs while it happened and just yelled "brake" to him so at the very least it wouldn't have been worse. He was good about it all though and talking to him on the phone after helped me relax a bit more. So thankful it wasn't worse.

  2. I hate driving long distance, that trailer part sounds terrifying!

    1. It was horrible! Long distance drives don't bother me too much but with kids AND dogs it makes it much harder to push through.


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