Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mega Bloks Lil' Princess Find

 A while ago, like way back when we lived in Maryland, I found this mega blok set for Eve on one of the for sale sites.  It had just been posted minutes earlier and for $10 I figured she might like the princess set.  I wasn't sure what was inside of it until I picked it up.

The lid showed a few stress marks as did the box itself.  Then again for the price, you couldn't beat it.  Since it was a discontinued item they were insanely expensive used and definitely so on sites like Amazon.

The box seemed pretty empty but when I pulled out the instructions and lined up the blocks it was all there.  Or at least the two that were missing could be filled in with the extra mega bloks she tossed in.  

The stickers on the blocks were in ok shape, but I was planning on removing them before I gave it to her. 

I did not take a picture of it, but I pulled out all of the knock off mega bloks and car that were tossed into the set.  I resold those for $10 means I paid nothing for the toy I wanted. 

Update:  After I cleaned, sorted, and sold off the non-mega blok stuff a person who saw the original post offered me a price on the set that I couldn't refuse.  I said no at first then she doubled it.  To which I said sure and sold it off.  About 3 weeks later I had forgotten all about it when Hubs tells me that he found it now for less than I sold the used set.  So Eve is the new owner of a similar mega blok princess set. 

If you are wondering this is in storage at the moment, but she will get this as part of her first birthday gift from us when we move into our house. 


  1. This is seriously such a great find!!! I've seen a few good deals on our buy, sell pages. I need to just bite the bullet and get them.

    1. You gotta jump on it when you see it, but do a quick search on it to see if its a good buy.


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