Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tool Time for Bear

This post is one I saved for during the move.  All of these items have been boxed up with our household goods (HHG).  The odds are we will not have our HHG before Bear's Birthday.  That said he will get all of his birthday toys when we unpack.  It will be one big overwhelming moment for him I'm guessing.  


As part of his big birthday gift, we plan to give Bear a workbench.  He is obsessed with tools and how things are put together so we think he would enjoy the various aspects of a workbench where he can tinker around and build a few things.  I had found a few that were used, but they were very big and bulky.  Something I wasn't looking for.  Black Friday rolled around and I found one super cheap at Target.  It seemed compact enough that It wouldn't take up too much space in Bears' room.

He also has a small set of the Black and Decker tools and a set of the bigger power tools he got from family for his 3rd Birthday to go along with the workbench.  The only catch with this the Workbench is that there isn't any real storage with it.  I was thinking of finding a bin that would fit under it resting on the supports or that fit under the bottom support bar. 

However, they weren't my favorite options.  Then Hubs found this on the for sale sites.  

It was $10 for the tool box and the stuff inside of it.  Not a bad find for hubs!  I let Bear play around with this before the movers came and he loves it.  He organized it in his own way while I don't mind as long as everything closed.  


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