Monday, July 17, 2017

It's Free, Come Pick It Up

Being in a house that is not very "kid-friendly" means we are trying to spend more time outdoors or in the screened in porch.  Bear was starting to get bored with just exploring the property or swimming.  He needed something more to do.  While looking the for sale pages someone posted a small outdoor play set.  All we had to do was come pick it up.  Easy enough.  Hubs and Grandpa (my dad) jumped in the truck to go get it.

It needed to be taken apart and really scrubbed!  There was an ant colony living in the cracks that were cleared out.  However, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.  I thought there would be at least some holes or major sun fading.  The only wear on the play set you can see is shown in the pictures below.  There are light sun fading and some ground in dirt that I might have been able to take off with an old bristle brush.  Though the very eager little boy wouldn't allow for me to really do that.

Bear is a bit big for it and Eve is a just a bit small for it.  However, that doesn't seem to have stopped either from enjoying it.  My skinny little boy fits through the holes so he can crawl all over it without many limitations.  The slide is a bit short for a kid his size.  He hasn't let that stop him.

The plan is to pass it along to someone else since we really can't take it with us.   


  1. It's perfect for him right now! :) You definitely can't go wrong with free.


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