Thursday, July 20, 2017

Finding Ariel for Sarah

My friend Sarah knows that I frequent yard sales so she asked if I could look for a few things along the way.  She handed me a rather long intimidating list (sorry, Sarah!) of things to pick up if I find them for a good price.  Among the list were a few little people sets which I find tons of!  They seem to be something everyone picks up for their kids and the kid either hates it, leaving it in great condition or loves it and its mangled to bits.  Clearly, you want to find the best one for the cheapest price.

I have found her a couple of things off the list like little people farm animals and specific books, but she was also looking for Disney Princess Little People stuff which is hard to find.  The small play sets have been discontinued making them very hard to find. The ones I have found are extremely "well loved."  

Much to my surprise at a random yard sale, I went to I found not 1 but 2, Ariel's Castle (or whatever it is called) for sale.  Yes, I grabbed both for $4 each.  How could I not?  My kids seem to like little people toys so they likely will enjoy this play set.  If not I could resell it and recoup my money without any issue.  

The condition of these looked they were never played with.  The stickers were even attached and all pieces functioning as they should.  Something I expect when to be a bit wonky when buying used toys.  There were little scuff marks here and there were to be expected as it likely was in a box or bin with other toys.

Since both were in an equal condition I literally flipped a coin and sent the winner off with my friend.  Hopefully, Eve will enjoy this play set when she gets a bit older.  For now, it was boxed up with her rest of her room.  


  1. Oh wow this is awesome! You were able to find some really great things. I need to start looking more at yard sales like this.

    1. It is crazy the things you can find!


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