Friday, July 14, 2017

Favorites on a Friday

It's a new month so here is a new Friday Favorites.

Evening Swims - The late night swims with the kids mean no sunscreen and tired kids that are ready for bed.  We don't have too many issues with bugs in the evening which are great.  The time I spend lathering up the kids and getting ready to go out into the pool is cut in half.  The kids seem to like it better too.  We added some glow sticks to the water for some added fun.  And did I mention the no sunscreen thing?  

Game Night - Apparently Game night has become a thing here.  Mexican Train has been a staple, but we have tried various card games and even Monopoly.  I enjoy the game night, but not how late they have been going.  The kids have us up pretty early in the morning so we just need to shift the time we normally play so we finish before midnight.

Makeup Case - I found this one in Target a few years ago and I love it!  It gives organization without being too bulky.  Sometimes when they attempt to organize you lose space to put products.  As someone who likes variety, I don't like wasted space.  This case also has brush holder in it.  When I am trying to save space this is such a convenience!  It allows me to keep my brush roll behind. 

Go Pod from Kidco - The Go Pod was something I received for Bear at my baby shower.  It was t very useful for him.  He was so tiny that his feet could barely touch the floor and so light that he couldn't see over the top.  Despite my modifications to it, he just hates it.  Eve, on the other hand, loves it.  Not as much as her exersaucer that she can do 360 degree spins in, but enough that she is comfortable playing in it.  She can touch the ground, see over the top, and even comfortable enough to get cozy in it for a nap.  I huge win in my book!

Seltzer - Several years ago I gave up soda.  I hardly ever want one except when there isn't anything else to drink.  I still won't reach for one, but I do miss carbonated drinks every now and then.  Instead of a soda, I reach for a seltzer or a flavored seltzer.  I get the carbonation I'm looking for without the mass amounts of sugar from a soda.  

What are you loving lately?


  1. Mexican Train is a favorite on our house, it's so fun!

    1. My dad calls it "Caboosie Dominoes."


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