Sunday, July 9, 2017

Eve's Birthday Gift List

Eve's First Birthday is coming up and just like with Bear, the family will ask for a gift list.  We are still limited in space however 12 mo+ toys tend to be bulkier.  I tried to limit the number and size of those toys to as few as possible and the ones I think you would enjoy the most.  

Vtech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone, Pink - Bear's list had a microphone and so Eve needed on too.  

My first Crayola Palm Grip Crayons - She seems interested when Bear spends time coloring so getting her easy to hold crayons was the first thing on my list when thinking of her birthday.

Oball 3 Piece Go Grippers Vehicles, Pink-3pack - We have some oball cars from when Bear was a baby that she enjoys playing with.  Since she gets all of her brother's hand-me-downs why not get her ones of her own.

Skip hop explore and more musical Egg Shaker trio, Multi - It's a fox, hedgehog, and owl.  They are something Eve would like since she enjoys playing with her cousin's egg shaped shakers.  

Hape Elephant wooden push and pull toy - She is crawling and trying to walk all over the place.  The old fashioned push pull toy might encourage her to keep doing what she is doing!

Melissa and Doug Wooden Grasping Toy (Giraffe) - Eve loves to try to figure out how things move and twist on her big brother's toys.  To stop me from pulling toys away that she shouldn't have let's give her something that she can have.  I am hoping his fill need.

Manhatten Toy Wee Baby Stella Doll - This doll is simply based on her reactions to a small baby Stella doll that was in a toy lot I picked up.  I sold that one but not without letting you try it out first.  You seemed to enjoy it.  I don't care about the specific model, I would just like for it to have a bottle and paci.  The magnetic linking seemed to help you when playing.  

Vtech Care for Me Learning Carrier, Pink -  We picked up a few beanie baby puppies to keep at grandmas house.  Again I gave you the option of playing with them first and you seemed to like to pet the puppy, feed the puppy, etc and obviously all with help but again you smiled and clapped a lot.  The musical encouragement may push you along in the imaginative play area.

Mega Bloks First Builders Waterfall Garden (30 pieces) - We picked up a big princess set for her and this is just an extension of this set. She likes mega bloks as much as any other one year old at this point.

Fisher Price Dance and Move BeatBelle ( the pink one) - Eve loves music and dancing around to whatever is on the radio. Clearly a toy she would love.

VTech Learn and Discover Pretty Party Playset - This is a bit of a stretch developmentally for her.  She may mimic what I do with it or just figure out that it plays songs / sounds like a cause and effect toys. However, I like that she can grow into it.

Once again I left books off the list because we picked up more than she needs for now.  I think there is a decent variety of toys for her on here.  Ones she can grow into and ones she can play with right away.  


  1. E loves her BeatBelle! It really is a great toy.

  2. We have to old version of the vtech party playset and it is a hit!

    1. I think this is the surprising one for me that I put on her list hoping she would like. We picked her up a kitchen set and she loves so when she unwraps this I think she will really like it.


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