Sunday, July 30, 2017


We are on the move,


Hopefully for the last time.

As a playful way to share where we are headed lets start with some fun facts about the new state we will be calling home.

1.  More species of bats live here than any other state.

2.  The bluebonnet is the official state flower.

3.  This state runs on its own power grid.

4.  It is called the Lone Star State and if that doesn't give it away, well...

Any guesses?

If you guessed Texas you would be right!


It's a big state so lets narrow it down a bit with some more facts about the town...

1.  Pope John Paul II called this city "the most Catholic city in the country."

2.  The second largest parade that was once called "The Battle of Flowers Parade" is held here annually.

3.  Roosevelt recruited some of his Rough Riders at the Menger Hotel which is still standing in downtown area today.  

4.  The Alamo Mission and River Walk are the biggest attractions for visitors to this city.


If you guessed San Antonio, Texas then way to go!


We will be calling San Antonio, Texas home next month.

I hope y'all stick around for our next adventure where we move 2 cars, 2 kids, and 2 chocolate labs across the country while trying to maintain our sanity.  
This could get interesting!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Dear EV (Jul 2017 - Twelve Months Old)

Dear EV,

EEK! How is it that you are a whole-year-old already.  It doesn't seem real that my little baby has grown so so much.  I've said it before but I will say it again, your big personality is coming out more and more.

The bigger you get the more active you have become.  Eve, you are officially a climber.  If you want something there is little that you will let get in your way.  I don't even want to know what you're going to get into when you are older.

In other exciting news, you took your first steps this month.  While visiting your cousins you took your first two steps.  About a week later you took 6 steps without any help.  Next thing I know you will be running around the house!

OK onto your current stats:

Weight: 19.3 lbs oz (birth weight: 6 lbs) *

Length: 28.74 inches (birth length: 19 in)* 

* Will add stats after the appointment.

Diaper size: Who knew we would have to move you up to size 4 so soon.  It was mainly for the capacity and far less for the fit.  I like that you aren't maxing out diapers overnight anymore.  You seem to enjoy that as well.  When we get settled into the new place we will go back to cloth diapers but hopefully for not much longer.

Clothing size:  You are starting to max out 6-9 mo clothing.  The rise on the shorts are getting a little bit much and your onesies and sleepers are starting to stretch more than I like.  However, I have reluctantly kept you in them because the washer here is not the best and seems to be beating up our clothes more than normal.  Very very old washer tend to do that, but I don't want to ruin any more clothes than I have to.  

Feedings/eating:  I'm shocked to say that you found a food you do not like.  Avocado makes you gag.  I am hoping that you outgrow this, but it's an easy accommodation to make for you if you truly don't like it.  We will be trying a few more times just to be sure though.  Other than that you will eat just about anything.  You clearly prefer real food to formula.  I don't blame you.

Likes: The kitchen set we picked up for you is still high up on your list of favorites.  You are trying to actually play with it the way we when do hand over hand play.  Having you put shake the can into the pot or put the items in the fridge.  Basically more of the imaginative play.  You also seem to like the McQueen walker we picked up.  It gives you such confidence in your ability to walk.  When it starts to get in your way you want to push it aside and keep going without it.  

Dislikes:  You don't like the corral unless someone is in it with you.  I get that, but you will have to get used to some more independent play especially when the new house turns into box city.  You seem to be allergic to naps in particular.  We haven't been too consistent with nap time, but even when you are you tend to fight them.  For now, we are pushing to for you to get two smaller naps per day so you are getting what you need.  This also makes you far less grumpy.  

First birthday party:  We had your birthday earlier so that would celebrate before our move.  You had a great time trying new foods and especially enjoyed cupcakes.  Your father was able to convince me to let you smash the cupcake which is not something I like to do.  Eve, you had a blast with it.  I couldn't quite get a smile out of you when the camera was up but you were super happy.  Besides eating we took you in the pool and you opened up a bunch of your gifts.  There are a few more that you still need to open that we saved for your actual Birthday on the 28th.  

Teething:  We have been waiting for so long for your top teeth to come up and finally 3 of the 4 teeth are out!  We are all pleased by this as the house is so much quieter.  The final tooth has decided to try and make its appearance just in time for our move.  Though you seem to be handling this one much better than the last few,  Then again 3 at once has to be a bit more painful.

4th of July: This was your last "first" holiday!  It's that some of these firsts have come and gone so very quickly.  Overall you like 

Looking Forward:  I am waiting for you to stand up without holding onto anything and just take off.  You were trying in the picture below but just couldn't make it up.  You had a bit going against you as you were very frustrated first thing in the morning.  That doesn't seem to stop you from trying.  Walking is going really well and I can't wait for you to just take off and book it down the hallway.  One day soon I'm betting.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Back to Meal Planning

We finally got back into meal planning.  It is long over due.  I always feel like we save money and waste less food when we plan out our meals for the week.  They are all pretty easy meals, but there is a plan for the week which means less eating out or really crappy meals.  I think I have shown most of these before, but you want to see any of them please let me know. 

Sorry for the chicken scratch

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Finding Ariel for Sarah

My friend Sarah knows that I frequent yard sales so she asked if I could look for a few things along the way.  She handed me a rather long intimidating list (sorry, Sarah!) of things to pick up if I find them for a good price.  Among the list were a few little people sets which I find tons of!  They seem to be something everyone picks up for their kids and the kid either hates it, leaving it in great condition or loves it and its mangled to bits.  Clearly, you want to find the best one for the cheapest price.

I have found her a couple of things off the list like little people farm animals and specific books, but she was also looking for Disney Princess Little People stuff which is hard to find.  The small play sets have been discontinued making them very hard to find. The ones I have found are extremely "well loved."  

Much to my surprise at a random yard sale, I went to I found not 1 but 2, Ariel's Castle (or whatever it is called) for sale.  Yes, I grabbed both for $4 each.  How could I not?  My kids seem to like little people toys so they likely will enjoy this play set.  If not I could resell it and recoup my money without any issue.  

The condition of these looked they were never played with.  The stickers were even attached and all pieces functioning as they should.  Something I expect when to be a bit wonky when buying used toys.  There were little scuff marks here and there were to be expected as it likely was in a box or bin with other toys.

Since both were in an equal condition I literally flipped a coin and sent the winner off with my friend.  Hopefully, Eve will enjoy this play set when she gets a bit older.  For now, it was boxed up with her rest of her room.  

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hair Clips for Eve

I was looking for hair clips for Eve and I hadn't found any that would stay in her baby fine hair.  Hubby is the best at finding things when I tell him what I am looking for or what the problem is.  I asked hubby to look for some clips when he ran out to Walmart. 

He knocked it out of the park with these rubber coated clips.  They stay in her hair which is the main concern.  She has some long hair "bangs" that bother her when they get in her eyes.  I do not leave them in her hair when she is unattended.  They aren't meant for kids so little and really she doesn't need them all the time.  

Monday, July 17, 2017

It's Free, Come Pick It Up

Being in a house that is not very "kid-friendly" means we are trying to spend more time outdoors or in the screened in porch.  Bear was starting to get bored with just exploring the property or swimming.  He needed something more to do.  While looking the for sale pages someone posted a small outdoor play set.  All we had to do was come pick it up.  Easy enough.  Hubs and Grandpa (my dad) jumped in the truck to go get it.

It needed to be taken apart and really scrubbed!  There was an ant colony living in the cracks that were cleared out.  However, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.  I thought there would be at least some holes or major sun fading.  The only wear on the play set you can see is shown in the pictures below.  There are light sun fading and some ground in dirt that I might have been able to take off with an old bristle brush.  Though the very eager little boy wouldn't allow for me to really do that.

Bear is a bit big for it and Eve is a just a bit small for it.  However, that doesn't seem to have stopped either from enjoying it.  My skinny little boy fits through the holes so he can crawl all over it without many limitations.  The slide is a bit short for a kid his size.  He hasn't let that stop him.

The plan is to pass it along to someone else since we really can't take it with us.   

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Reading with Bear

Sometimes I feel like I don't get enough one on one time with Bear.  The day gets busy and time just slips through my hands.  At night I can spend a few minutes by sitting down and reading to him.  We had a bunch of new books so I let him just pick whatever he wanted.  He was so excited to see new books it just warmed my heart!

This was a longer book so I didn't expect it to keep his attention for the whole thing.  Bear surprised me though.  He wanted every word on every page read to him.  I love his love for books!  I also love spending time reading to him.  Hopefully, there are many many more years of this in the future!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Favorites on a Friday

It's a new month so here is a new Friday Favorites.

Evening Swims - The late night swims with the kids mean no sunscreen and tired kids that are ready for bed.  We don't have too many issues with bugs in the evening which are great.  The time I spend lathering up the kids and getting ready to go out into the pool is cut in half.  The kids seem to like it better too.  We added some glow sticks to the water for some added fun.  And did I mention the no sunscreen thing?  

Game Night - Apparently Game night has become a thing here.  Mexican Train has been a staple, but we have tried various card games and even Monopoly.  I enjoy the game night, but not how late they have been going.  The kids have us up pretty early in the morning so we just need to shift the time we normally play so we finish before midnight.

Makeup Case - I found this one in Target a few years ago and I love it!  It gives organization without being too bulky.  Sometimes when they attempt to organize you lose space to put products.  As someone who likes variety, I don't like wasted space.  This case also has brush holder in it.  When I am trying to save space this is such a convenience!  It allows me to keep my brush roll behind. 

Go Pod from Kidco - The Go Pod was something I received for Bear at my baby shower.  It was t very useful for him.  He was so tiny that his feet could barely touch the floor and so light that he couldn't see over the top.  Despite my modifications to it, he just hates it.  Eve, on the other hand, loves it.  Not as much as her exersaucer that she can do 360 degree spins in, but enough that she is comfortable playing in it.  She can touch the ground, see over the top, and even comfortable enough to get cozy in it for a nap.  I huge win in my book!

Seltzer - Several years ago I gave up soda.  I hardly ever want one except when there isn't anything else to drink.  I still won't reach for one, but I do miss carbonated drinks every now and then.  Instead of a soda, I reach for a seltzer or a flavored seltzer.  I get the carbonation I'm looking for without the mass amounts of sugar from a soda.  

What are you loving lately?

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