Tuesday, June 20, 2017

This Didn't Go As Planned...

While we are staying at my fathers' place I am trying to make myself useful.  Cooking and cleaning obviously are easy things for me to do when I have spare time.  We are trying to every few days tackle something that needs to get done that my dad doesn't really have time to do.  For example, when we first got here he had cleaned the whole kitchen and wiped down the outside of the fridge but never cleaned the inside.  I took the time to pull everything out and cleaned it.

The next item on my list was the Keurig.  It had seen better days.  The super hard water we have here does a number on it even when the water is filtered through a Brita prior to going into the tank.  My dad doesn't recall the last time he did it.  He thought maybe when it was new.  So clearly with it running slow and being heavily used it was a great task to complete.  A few hours of just running vinegar, then lime away, then water until clean while watching the kids would be an easy task.  I was wrong.  So very very wrong.

I cleaned the removable parts and the outside before running the vinegar though.  This is exactly what I do for my own Keurig on a month or bi-monthly basis.  We had the lime away so it was just going to be an extra step.  Anyway, the first couple of cups that poured out were gross!  I'll spare you the pictures, but trust me nothing you would want to see in your coffee mug first thing in the morning.

 Then trouble hit.  It stopped spitting out water.  The line was clogged somewhere.  I blew into the tank water line and nothing.  I check where the needle pierces the cup and nothing.  I just need to let it sit and let the vinegar do the work.  Several minutes later I try again.  It spits out a cup.  Awesome!  More gross outcome.  Then another cup.  I'm on a roll now.  Nope, it stops working again.  Ok, let it sit.  10 minutes later nothing.  Let it sit some more. Still Nothing.  I blow in the lines to try to clear it and nothing.

Oh Boy.  I'm in trouble now.

Hubs steps in to help.  He tries what I had done with the same result.  It worked a bit, then it stopped.  He took things apart to clear the lines in an attempt to fix it.  The stuff he got out of it was gross.  I can't believe we drank coffee out of it daily.  With it back together and cleaned out we tried it again.  It works until about cup 3 like before then it stops.  Hubby tries a few things then it works a bit then stops.

So in cleaning it, I broke it.  Hubs ran out to pick up another on while I watch the kids and explain to my dad that in my attempt to clean it, I broke it.  He took it better than I expected, but I did get an "I told you it was fine" mini speech.  Nothing I hadn't already told myself repeatedly while trying to fix it.  However, when I told him I replaced it with a new one there was not really much left to say.

On my way out the door, he did say one thing...  "So and So always says... No good deed gets left unpunished." Well, pretty much that's exactly how it felt.  I set out to do something nice like descale his Keurig.  Should have been easy.  Something I've done 100 times to my own.  Only to have it blow up in my face.  At the end of the day, all I can do is just move on from it.

Dad's final words on the subject...
"You cleaned that Keurig so well it looks brand new."


  1. Your Dad is a riot! He sounds a lot like mine.


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