Thursday, June 1, 2017

Packing My Makeup

I always pack up my own makeup cabinet.  They won't move liquids and so it's just another thing on the long to do list.  I have been on a no purchasing ban since we moved here and that helped me get rid of and finish up quite a bit in there.  That said I'm still nervous that all the makeup won't seem to fit.  I think I'm more concerned of my expensive palettes breaking in the move.  Though nothing can be done if that were to happen. Anyway, everything in here...

needs to fit in the case below.

There have been a few moves where it was close.  I am still a bit nervous because there is a bigger array of items that need to fit.  So it's not like I can just repeat what I have done in the past. 

This layer has my taller palettes and liquids that need to remain upright.  The lid of the case allows for the extra height.  This one more than any other really needs to be gone through.  There is just so much in there that I never use anymore.

The next layer has all of my face powders, loose shadows, blushes, etc.  In the plastic bag, there are gel liners, paint pots, and eye primers.  I'm hoping the bag will contain any spills if there are any.  

All of my nail polish fit into this layer.  There are again in bags in case of spills.  This needs to be cut in half on the flip side.  I'm hoping that's through use and not from breakage.

My favorite palettes fit perfectly in this box that goes into the last compartment.  It goes on top of the next picture.  I tried to make them fit snugly so that there is less of a chance of breaking during transport. 

Below the box is more liquids; two massive palettes; perfumes and such are in a box below; on top is a box of lip glosses, lip pencils, mascaras, eye liners, etc.; and last up are several sets of makeup brushes. 

Thankfully it all fit!  I even locked the case to prevent them from coming apart.  My task on the flip side will be to toss all the extra crap that I don't use often enough to keep.  


  1. I love this makeup case!!! I don't have a ton of makeup but something like this would be great.

    1. I actually use it for more than just makeup when we aren't moving. One of my friends uses this for her scrapbook supplies. Another uses it for her jewelry, makeup, etc. just anything needed safe storage in transit.

  2. So glad it all fit! I always get nervous about certain things when I move so I totally understand what you mean. Sometimes it's worth it to take the extra time to pack things better than the movers will. Good luck with everything else!!

    1. Thank you! I was happy it all fit or I may have needed to downsize even more.


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