Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mother of All Yard Sales

In a town about an hour away they have a massive yard sale with hundreds of sellers along an old air strip.  People bring Uhaul trucks to carry all the stuff they want to sell.  It is $60 for a spot so I was expecting prices to be a bit higher than I would have liked.  However, the night before the event it was expected to rain all morning.  We assumed it would be a washout, but when we woke up in the morning it was just cloudy with a chance of rain.   This kept some seller and buys from showing up.  That said I was still pleasantly surprised by the deals I did find.

The clouds looked like it was going to open up on us.  I am thankful they didn't!

Eve spent her morning in the ergo carrier on my chest while Bear was in the backpack carrier on Hubs.  He also pulled the folding cart of the stuff we picked up.  

 It was pretty crowded there even with the threat of rain.  It did motivate the sellers to off load their stuff when a few drops came down.  

We picked up the Paw Patrol Paw, Patroller for $8.  It was in pretty good condition.  A few of the stickers that were messed up or peeling.  Frankly, that doesn't bother me when the price was so low for the condition.  I had seen several that were asking $15-20 for equal or worse condition item.    

This is was a cheap impulse buy. It was a whole $2 with batteries.  I don't love that it is a pink color but Bear seems to care less about and more that it is a "laptop" he can play with.  There are more functions on this than I had originally thought which is a nice bonus. 

We have a couple of these toddler dolls that were given to us from a friend for Eve.  She can't use them right now as they are for 3 years old.  They also aren't expensive new, about $20 or so per doll. A bit more for some of the more popular dolls.  That said I paid $10 for the two dolls.  They are in a pretty good condition in my opinion.  Elsa's hair needs to be braided, but it's something that I can easily fix.  I am thinking that she may be able to play with these ones and I won't care if they get messed up. 

Books are always something I am willing to invest in.  I pick up a few kids chapter books that looked interesting to us and some of the Disney storybooks.  I don't like paying full price for them and here they are particularly cheap.  I have to limit how many I pick up as we are still limited on space. 

DVD's are also plentiful here, as they seemed to be in Maryland as well.  Here they tend to be $2-3, but I will only pay $1 for used DVD.  It never hurts to ask if they will take less so I did and I lucked out.  I will toss the cases and put them in a CD/DVD case.  Who needs them to take up so much space?

Overall not a bad haul for some time spent walking around looking a lot of random stuff.  I never mind an afternoon outdoors walking around with my family.  Throwing in some cheap stuff we were looking for and it makes it just a bit better.

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