Thursday, June 15, 2017

Find Fail

I talk a lot on here about the great deals I find, "The deal of the Day," but I wanted to show one that didn't turn out the way I planned.  Recently, I saw this puzzle at a local yard sale.  It was a Thomas the Train one that Bear would love.  It's a bit more than he can handle right now, but he will grow into it.  The pieces were in great condition.  For $3, SOLD!

Well, I'm sure you all see where this is going.  I asked the seller if all the pieces were there and she told me yes they are.  When I got home I built the puzzle to double check.  

In case you don't see it let me help you out...

Yup, 2 pieces missing.  One from the center.  ugh.  Now I'm ticked off.  A little bit at the seller and a lot of myself.  First off, the seller should know the items they are selling and check that all parts are included.  If they are missing they should share that info, especially when specifically asked.  I'm mad at myself for not counting the pieced before paying for it since it was open after all.  I should have known better.  The extra few minutes really would have saved me money.  Even if it was just $3.

I put the puzzle back into the box while trying to keep it as together as possible.  I'm going to just let him play with it as is right now.  Though I am debating possibly doing a few things to make it worth the money I spent on it.  My number one option right now is to cut the puzzle up into smaller ones that would make new edges.  That way he can handle building the smaller puzzles right now.  I've also tossed the idea around about cutting up the cover to make cheap art for the playroom at the next location.   At the very least I could just let him play with it as is until he craps it out then toss it.  Either way, I think I can salvage something out of it to make it worth the small amount of money that I paid.                            


Your thoughts?

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