Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dear EV (Jun 2017 - Eleven Months Old)

Dear Eve,

What a month of big events going on around you.  You watched the house get boxed up and moved onto a truck.  Then spend some time in an almost empty house before moving up Grandpas.  Out of everyone you seemed to handle all the changes the best.  In fact, you make sure we slowed down every now and then and laughed often thought out all the changes.  

Recently one of the things that make us laugh is your constant kiss face.  You picked up your lips and look around to make someone laugh.  Then start smiling and laughing too.  It is the funniest things ever to see you do.

Eve, I'm half surprised to be saying this, but you seem to like to dance and sing.  Whenever a specific song comes on or tunes you like you bounce around.  Sometimes you even try to babble/hum along with it.  The more you do this the more your little personality is shining through.  You a love to be a bit of a ham as long as everyone is having a good time.  


OK onto your current stats:

Weight: 18.35 lbs (birth weight: 6 lbs)

Length: inches (birth length: 19 in) *Will update with stats

Diaper size: We moved you up to size 4 diapers.  They are a bit big on you but the size 3 diapers were just getting tight on you.  They also hold a more so you aren't testing the limits of the diapers overnight.  

Clothing size:  You are in 6-9mo clothing right now, but I am starting to think that the sleepers are getting a bit snug on you.  Your bathing suit is also a bit tight.  I may move you up in just those items even though I am trying to hold off.  

Feedings/eating:  Eve, you will eat anything and everything.  Real pieces of food off our plate is your favorite things ever!  There is nothing that you won't try.  Even if you don't seem to really enjoy it, you will always take the real food over the formula.  

Likes: There are a few physical items that you absolutely love.  Spoons are your favorite teething "toy."  Not sure why, but it makes you happy so have at it.  You also really like the toy kitchen set I picked up off one of the yard sale sites here in New York.  You also seem to really like the activity table that your Uncle got you before you were even born.  I'm so glad we made space for it in the car.  Like normal you prefer to be held or walking on your own.

Dislikes:  The corral does not seem to be a place you like to be.  However, you will have to get used to it again because your big brother's small toys should not be anywhere near your mouth.  You also are not loving the car seat or long drives as much as you used to.  I'm hoping this is just a phase and you get back to being ok with it.  

First swim:  You went swimming for the first!  Well, really you sat in a float and got push/pulled around the pool or carried around the pool in my arms.  I was not surprised that you were a bit shy at first.  However, you relaxed and enjoyed yourself very quickly.  Splashing and kicking in the water seems to be your favorite things to do so far.

Funny moments:  It has been brought to our attention that sometimes your crying sounds like your laughs.  Not that we hadn't noticed it on our own, but that it's so much alike that sometimes I question if it's a cry or a laugh.  This isn't your deep belly laugh.  That is a clear laugh.  Your chuckle, on the other hand, sounds so similar to your cry it has us all puzzled at times.  "Does she like it?"  "I don't know I can't tell if she is laughing or crying."  "well stop and see what she does."  Dada stops making silly faces and Eve stops making any noise then quickly smiles.  "Ok, so it's a laugh!"

Sleep:  With all the major changes going on you are still sleeping amazingly well.  We went and uprooted from your crib and into the pack and play without any transitioning.  There have been a few tough moments with it, but you are doing well over all.  The pillow in the corral is your favorite spot to nap if given the choice.  This may be something that we continue to do in the future since you enjoy it so much.

Looking Forward:  I am waiting for you to take your first real steps.  Eve, you are so very eager to do so and I would not be surprised if you took them before your first birthday next month.  




  1. How is she already 11 months old?! I feel like she was just born. She is so adorable.

    1. I can't believe it on a daily basis how big she is getting! I would love to freeze time for a bit. keep them this little for just bit longer.


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