Friday, June 30, 2017

Bears Birthday Gift List

Bear's 4th Birthday is coming up in early July.  Family always asks for toy ideas for him.  This year is a bit unique as we are limited in physical space since we are still living with family.  I think that even though we limited the size of the items we still managed to find some pretty great gift ideas for him.

DreamWorks Dinotrux Diecast toys -   This is his newest obsession.  He likes tools. He likes dinosaurs. Putting them together was a dream come true for Bear.  I have to admit that we all kinda like the show as well.  If the whole family can tolerate it then it's clearly a winner.

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We have been doing Game night a couple of times a week recently and Bear really wants to join in, but he just doesn't get them.  I am hoping that getting a few of his own will help us to better include him.  

Hasbro Elefun and Friends Crocodile Dentist - For some reason, kids just love this toy and Bear will be giddy when he plays it.

Mudpuppy Geometric Animals Dominoes Board Game - The set has a whole bunch of games from Bingo to memory to animal dominoes.  

Blockbeard Balance Boat Balancing Game OR Similar - This Bear likes the balance game his cousin had so why not get him his own.  

Colorful Wooden Domino racing - This really isn't a game but it is something that he enjoys.  He has the patience to line them up then freaks out when they fall down.  We only have a small bag of ones I got at a yard sale.  They are meant for 6+ so they the dominoes are small for his hands.  The larger wooden ones will work perfectly for him.  This one even comes with a bag to hold them.

Paw Patrol - Paw Terrain Vehicle - Bear doesn't have many Paw Patrol toys despite his love for the show and all things paw patrol.  He really likes this toy in the store.  We tried to pull him away from it when the tears started.  We told him maybe for his birthday.  Then we picked up the paw patroller at the big yard sale.  We thought it was over then, but when he saw the new(er) episodes they sawed the paw terrain vehicle and freaked out again.  So on the list, this goes. 

Playskool Friends Mr. Potato Head Clash and crash - I picked up two marvel versions of these for his Easter basket.  They get played with more than his regular Mr. potato head toys.  He saw these and liked them.   

Disney Pixar Cars 3 - Race and Reck’ Lightning McQueen - Crashing cars happen all the time.  I am hoping that with this toy it will at least limit what he is crashing.

B. Okideoke Microphone - Bear loves to sing which has helped him use more words.  This could help encourage him to use more words even if he is singing them. Or I just might be driven nuts by it.  One or the other. 

Melissa and Doug Alphabet Express Jumbo Jigsaw floor puzzle OR Similar item - He is not really into puzzles at all.  I am hoping that bringing trains into the mix may help him.  

Playdoh Fun Factory Retro Pack - Playdoh doesn't seem to keep Bears attention very long.  Then again all we have are some tubs of playdoh.  Maybe getting a small set of stuff to go with them will help him like this a bit more.  

The only thing missing from this list is books. We normally we put a bunch of books on
his list. This year we didn't put any on because I found a bunch of books he likes at a
yard sale. No sense in adding a bunch of books as he has a variety of interests other than just books.

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