Monday, June 12, 2017

A Day of Cooking

We completely did not intend on spending the bulk of the day cooking, however, some days are just like that. It needed to be done so the items didn't go bad.  It also meant that we had a few day where we didn't have to cook.  

The plan was Sauce, Stuffed Shells, Chili, and Meatloaf (dinner for the evening).

The item that would take the longest is getting the liquid out of the shredded zucchini.  Clearly had to be done as it needed time to drain.  This is key as we found out the hard the way the first time I made them.  Silly me thought I could skip that step.  NEVER skip that step!

We were limited in the pots and pans that we have so we really had to plan this whole thing out.  I started the cooking with the sauce since that normally takes the longest.

I added sausage to my sauce.  Brown on all sides, slice, add to sauce.  You can brown the slices, however, if you are cooking the sauce long enough you don't really have to.  I never took a picture of it, but I also cooking (and drained) the ground sausage for the stuffed shells.  They needed to cool completely before adding them to the ricotta mixture.  

The sauce finished sooner than I thought which allowed Hubby make his chili that much sooner.

I moved on to more meal prep.  To go with the meatloaf there were having mashed potatoes and green beans. 
Puffs to keep the youngest happy.

I used the pioneer woman's meatloaf recipe without the "sauce" she uses.  It was my dads birthday meal request and he wanted brown gravy.

Hubby did a great job wrapping the meatloaf in bacon.  It made everything better.  We did not have a broiler pan so we made one out of a pizza pan and sheet pan.  Whatever, it worked!

The shells made two trays with 26 shells each and a few extra.  

The meatloaf came out better than expected.  I am not really a meatloaf person but this happened to be pretty good.

Warming the canned gravy and blanching the green beans for dinner. 

After cooking for far too many hours this is what we had for dinner.

Next time I need to plan out meals that don't require the use of the same pot for the bulk of it.  


  1. that meatloaf looks amazing and I don't even like meatloaf!

    1. I'm not either, but it was really good.


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