Sunday, June 11, 2017

12m girl toy suggestions

I need your help...

Eve is turning one at the end of July and I'm trying to come up with gift ideas for her that we can give to family.  The only catch is that the gifts need to be relatively small in size.  We are currently staying with family and we are limited in space.  This has made finding gift ideas super hard since most 1-year-old toys are bulky in size.  There are about a dozen people who get her gifts and so if they all get her a big toy that takes up a bunch of space we are in trouble.  Thankfully we can give gift suggestions to them.  This is where you all come in. I need smaller size gifts that are 12+ for my little Eve.

Here are the ideas I have so far....

There are also a short list of about 5 board books, but I'm hoping to get about 20-25 ideas to give them a bit of variety if I can.  Clearly, I need help.

Help me out Please!!!!


  1. we got a baby doll for my daughter when she turned 1, similar to this: It's a nice size and she liked cuddling it. as she got older, she babyed it more. it was super cute

    1. We are looking into ones similar to that!


Your thoughts?

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