Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thomas Take n' Play Finds

If you know me, you know I hate paying full price for anything, especially toys.  They are so very expensive.  When Bear started to like Thomas the Train I cringed.  I will not pay $25 for a single train no matter how much he loves that dang train.  I knew he wanted it so I searched the sale sites for some Thomas stuff.  They make a bunch of different sizes of Thomas the train toys but I went with the take n play and take along series.  They are the same sizes and I found a bunch in great shape.  Here is what $50 and half a thing of Clorox wipes got me.  He's set for his birthday now.  Yes, I said his birthday.  I have no problem giving him used toys while he is young.  He doesn't even know the difference.  I will likely pick up a couple of new trains for him just to fill in the gaps.

This is what I was able to get.  They all connect together.  Bear can build his own big Sodor with all this stuff.

I didn't know the trains even came with the sets so they were a pleasant surprise. 

The round house holds a few trains and some of the loose track can fit in the lid of the round house. 

The iron works are missing whatever it dumped into the containers.  Frankly, I don't care.  He will find something to replace it.  

The search and rescue center was one I knew he would like when I saw it. The ramp along will entertain him for a whole.  The bits of "fire" also can be knocked down.  

Knappford Station holds some trains and opens up for play on both sides.  His friend has one so he will enjoy having one of his own.

The additional track you can see in the first picture is one I'm happy for.  I plan to use some extra fabric to make a drawstring pouch to hold them since they don't really fit anywhere.  They do make a great addition to help them beef up the sets.

After getting all of this above I spotted one more insane sale.  A lady in my neighborhood was selling her round house with a bunch of trains for $5.  I couldn't pass it up.  I gave him a talking Thomas and the Talking James (missing the battery cover) to play with for now.  He loves them and was upset when I didn't give him all the trains right then and there.  Little does he know that he's getting all of this for his birthday.  

I'll pick up a few new trains to round out the bunch of Thomas trains we now own.  Then put a few on his birthday list for others to get him and birthday is now finished for Bear.  


  1. This is awesome! I'm all about buying 2nd hand too if I can.

    1. This place is a hidden gem of a location for second hand finds.


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