Monday, May 15, 2017

Packing Day 2

The Packers did a lot on the first day, so when they came back to finish there wasn't much left.  They had already done the entire upstairs and started in on downstairs.  This was great because we had a whole floor of the house to let the kids run and play while they worked.  

Day 2 brought with it far less freaking out from our kids.  Bear struggled a bit with not only being confined, but also seeing his stuff getting put in boxes.  I'm not sure he understands when we tell him that he will see them again.  However, since all of his stuff is already packed up he did much better.  

Like most days we were slow to wake up.  Even more so when they arrive at 7:30 AM.  I may or may not have still been in bed when they rang the doorbell.  Hubs got the door and I took care of the kids.  

Bear was clearly not thrilled to be up.  Some Cheerios, milk, and Dinotrux made his morning better.  The morning was spent keeping the kids upstairs and busy.  I was hoping the dogs, kids, and I could have spent some time out on the porch, but the rain made that impossible.  Bear and I raced cars, worked on puzzles and watched shows while Eve crawled around.  She was enjoying the freedom.  Just wait until it's all gone kid.  You will have run of the house!

By lunch time the Packers were finishing up.  I fed the kids and put them down for a nap.  Having the upper floor already packed meant that they could go down for a nap keeping a relatively normal schedule.  The early wake up obviously hit Eve hard.  She passed out earlier than expected.

Shortly after putting them down the Packers told us they were done.  We went down to take a look at the aftermath.  You never realize how much stuff you own until it's in what feels like a thousand boxes stacked to the ceiling in every room!

We have never had anything go into crates before so message/comment about this if you know the answer.  Our thoughts are that not everything was boxed up to save space?  smaller items are maybe easier to Tetris into the crates?  That's our guess anyway.  

I'm interested to see how they handle getting the larger items out of the house and around to the front without any issues.  I know they were tough to do the first time.  This is a different moving company so I guess we will see.  

Downstairs we have this extra living space.  It's been great to have with the kids as the bigger toys stayed down here.  We also used this as our office and workout area.  It's been great especially on days when we needed to let Bear burn some energy but the weather wasn't nice enough to have him outside.  

We also had this bonus room that wasn't climate controlled.  It functioned as our garage since there isn't one here.  While I wanted to use this room for other things it served us well as a catch all for the bulkier items that wouldn't fit int he small shed we had out back.  This is another room I'm interested to see how they handle as the shelving is still all up.  

So this is where we are at.  The house is as boxed up as I see it getting.  It took two Packers a total of 12 hours to box up just about everything we own.  In a few days, they will bring 3 trucks with numerous wooden crates to Tetris our stuff into.  Fingers crossed the rest of this process remains as smooth as it has been!


  1. I'm glad that the packing has been going well! I'm ready for them to be at our house and just get it done.

    1. I has been an interesting move for sure but its been a good one. Fingers and toes crossed.


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