Friday, May 12, 2017

Packing Day 1 and More

After a bunch of scheduled or quick posts on here, while I tried to keep my head above water for the move, I figured I would answer a few questions I keep repeatedly getting and share how we survived the first day of packing.  

Where are you all heading to next? 
What duty station are you all going to?

These are by far the most asked questions.  I haven't really talked about it much on here so briefly let me explain what's going on.  Hubby is in the process of getting out of the military.  He was a two-time non-select (due to no fault of his own), but was picked up by the selection board.  The military is downsizing and while we did not see this coming it is for the best.  He (we really) made the decision to get out.  Obviously, this means we aren't going to a new duty station and we aren't even sure where a new job will take us.  Hubby is on terminal leave and we both are looking for jobs.  In the meantime, we will be staying with my dad in New York.  He has a couple of empty rooms that we can use for the time being.  It's not the best spot to be in as who wants to move back home or have an entire 4 person (plus 2 dogs) family living with them.  For now, it will allow us to save some money while we continue to job hunt.  I hope for everyone's sake this is just a short stay.   

How is the move going?

I feel like I have been talking about this move forever, but we have known it was coming for a long time.  When we renewed our lease we mistakenly forgot to check for a military clause.  There wasn't one.  So we had to leave at the end of the lease which is the end of May.  Had hubby stayed in it would have coincided with our next PCS, but since he is getting out we need to move.  I am very thankful that he is given some extra benefits because of why he is leaving that will give us the ability to land on our feet from this short notice pink slip situation.  Some of which is the HHG storage for up to a year and the ability to ship our HHG anywhere we choose.  This will make life a bit easier for us in the long run.  

Onto the packing....

Packing Day One
With a bit of the day before

Before the Packers came we ended up finding a bunch of the packing stickers from old moves that obviously needed to be removed.  We don't need to confuse the packer or even the movers.  Granted our stuff is going into crates, so it's not that big deal, but still.

Removing batteries was by far the longest and the most painful and tedious process of this move. While most people don't do this for point to point moves or even short term storage (you should, though we never have) it is important for long term storage.  I know we likely have missed a few for sure, we did get the majority.  Wow, there were a lot!

The day of the move we pushed the couched together like you see above.  It gave the kids a clear spot to play without being in the way.  Yes, Bear had the iPad to keep us sane for this move.  Eve spend some time in her exersaucer which she will only have for a few more days.

I am thankful it was a nice day out because the pups spent their day out on the porch and even some time in the backyard.  They didn't seem to mind it.  Duke spent most of his time sleeping in the sun.  These dogs have the life.

We tried to make it easy for them and us by moving some of the furniture around.  It gave us the ability to create a spot for the kids to play, kept access to the kitchen table, and ensured they didn't knock out our Internet, which has happened in the past.

The wonderful yet anxious part of the move.  Watching people box up all your possessions makes me nervous even though the vast majority of things are replaceable.

I would love to say my kid was playing around on some educational app, but he was just watching youtube kids while I spot checked what he was watching.  Turns out the British versions of things like Bob the Builder have full episodes online.  Lifesaver for sure.

There is also one or two Baby Einstein like videos that both kids love.  I convinced Bear to snuggle in and turn to one so a very tired Eve could watch as well.

This is how my kids fall asleep.  Both look similar to this just before falling asleep. She was so ready for a nap.

By 2 pm they both looked like this.  No naps at all.  Some food for Bear and a bottle for Eve seemed to do the trick.  They both crashed hard.  

Eve fell asleep on me which I'll take.  The silence was much needed.  Keeping two kids happy while they watch all their stuff being boxed up is not easy.

I think we survived the first day of packing pretty well.  The rest should be pretty easy.  Honestly, if we forgot something then oh well.

A strong cup of coffee gave me the boost I needed to make it to bedtime once the Packers left.

The entire upstairs has been boxed up on day one.  They come back today to box up downstairs.  It shouldn't take them very long to do so based on how fast they were able to complete upstairs.  It will also give us more space to let the kids play as well as having their the ability to put them down for naps in their own rooms.

For now, I need to get to bed as the Packers are coming early in the morning. I need some sleep.  


  1. Moving is exhausting and stressful but you seem to have a handle on it! I still have stickers everywhere from past moves and I always forget to take them off, which always confuses the movers. I'm looking forward to seeing where life outside the military takes you!

    1. I feel like I will be finding these sticker on my stuff for the next 30 years. lol


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