Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More finds for Eve

Yard sale season is in full swing and I scored this amazing deal for $15.

It was seriously just pure dumb luck as she posted it and 2 minutes later I claimed it.  I even picked it up while I was out running errands later that same day.  Because of how easy it all was she tossed in the three carriages for nothing.  

Other than a few smudge marks that magic eraser can take off they are in excellent condition.  I am going to sell the second Ariel Carriage, because what little girl needs two of them?  Certainly not mine.  It will also off set the cost a little bit as well.  

It came with a good set of the figures as well.  It's more than enough for her, but I will put the sets of 4 figures on Eve's Christmas list for family to get her.  If she gets them great, if not oh well.  

Since they are 18-month-old toys this will be Christmas gift for her.  Though I'm wondering how these are any different from the regular little people that are all 12-month toys.  Who knows.  

*Update:  I sold the Ariel Carriage and one of the Ariel figures for $8 making the cost of the toy a whole $7 dollars.  YAY for savings.


  1. Oh wow, this is such a great find!!!

    1. this place is a amazing for toys I swear. I have never seen so many good deals in one location.


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