Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More finds for Eve

Yard sale season is in full swing and I scored this amazing deal for $15.

It was seriously just pure dumb luck as she posted it and 2 minutes later I claimed it.  I even picked it up while I was out running errands later that same day.  Because of how easy it all was she tossed in the three carriages for nothing.  

Other than a few smudge marks that magic eraser can take off they are in excellent condition.  I am going to sell the second Ariel Carriage, because what little girl needs two of them?  Certainly not mine.  It will also off set the cost a little bit as well.  

It came with a good set of the figures as well.  It's more than enough for her, but I will put the sets of 4 figures on Eve's Christmas list for family to get her.  If she gets them great, if not oh well.  

Since they are 18 month old toys this will be Christmas gift for her.  Though I'm wondering how these are any different from the regular little people that are all 12 month toys.  Who knows.  

*update:  I sold the Ariel Carriage and one of the Ariel figures for $8 making the cost of the toy a whole $7 dollars.  YAY for savings.


  1. Oh wow, this is such a great find!!!

    1. this place is a amazing for toys I swear. I have never seen so many good deals in one location.


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