Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Minnie Mouse Toy Find

Bear is obsessed with Mickey and Minnie lately.  I'm happy to indulge him as he is stretching his vocabulary when he wants to talk about them.  He really liked the Minnie Mouse figure with the snap on clothes so when I saw two different toy lots for sale for the small Minnie figures I jumped on them right away.

From what I figured out there are about 6 different sets total between the two lots.  Two of them were the exact same so I kept the best ones and resold the duplicates.  I sort of knew this going in but neither seller wanted to separate their lots.  I figured they don't need multiple sets so I might be able to resell some to offset the cost.  I was able to, but more on that later.

Here is what I kept.  I would say this is about half of what I purchased and I still feel like it is a bit much there.  From what I can figure out there is an agility pet training course, a flower shop, Minnie House, Pet salon (1 of 2), and pet vehicle.  There were some other odds and ends that kept like a car and scooter.

I sold the additional agility course.

The flower shop is missing the counter, but who cares.

The Pet Salon was the other duplicate set.
They were both in similar condition making it easy to
figure out what to put in the lot I was selling.

As for the figures I pretty much divided up the duplicates keeping the best ones for my kids, then it was a toss up among the rest.  Nothing was in bad condition so I had Bear pick a few that he liked and I picked a few for the lot I was selling.  In the end half went into each lot.  It felt silly to keep even this many figures, but if Bear messes a few up they can be retired or something.  

Tucked in the back of one of the lots were these two gems.  Bear was beyond excited to have them.  He uses them along with the Minnie stuff.  While I would have liked more Mickey Mouse stuff, this stuff will hold him over for now.  Heck that may be all I can find, who knows.

When all was said and done I picked up two lots for a total of $25.  After cleaning and posting them on the for sale for $25 someone picked them up rather quickly.  This means that everything you see above cost me no money at all.  It did take a small bit of time as I had to post it on a for sale site and deal with several no shows.  I picked them up from a location I was going to anyway so no extra costs for gas.  The only technical expense was that of the Clorox wipes that I would have used anyway.  All in all, I was able to have it not cost me anything I'll call it a win!

OK, the pricing of my lot for sale is going to spark a bunch of emails so let me address that in advance.  When I picked up the Minnie Mouse Lots there were dozens and I mean Dozens of people posting their own sets in various conditions.  I happened to snag two of the best looking and cheapest lots.  By the time I had picked them up and went to resell them the prices on these Minnie toys had sky rocketed.  They went from being $10-15 to $45-50.  Nothing changed about what was being sold other than the demand for them.  I could have posted my lot and made a profit off of it.  I have done that in the past, however, I just wanted it gone.  If someone had tried to haggle I would have dropped my price.  No one did and my lot sold relatively quickly.  I'm honestly happy this toy was at no cost to me.


Your thoughts?

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