Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tot School with Minnie

Kids learn best through play.  You can turn almost any play time into a teachable moment.  Bear could use some extra time with parts of the body, so when he grabbed the bag of Minnie Mouse stuff we had an impromptu tot school lesson.  

He liked picking out the different outfits for Minnie.  So while he was putting the items on I would reinforce his existing language by saying things like "Shoes on feet" or "Bow on the head."  When he seemed to get the hang of it I moved to questions.  "Does the bow go on her feet or her head?"  Trying to get a response from him wasn't easy, but he warmed up to it all. 

The longer he spent putting the outfit together, the more he tried to talk about it.  He even shocked me when he said "green shoes" when putting them on without any prompting.  Way to go Bear!

Turn taking turns is a hard thing for Bear.  He obviously needs to learn this skill to get along with others.  Sometimes he does really well, other times well, meltdowns happen.  This thankful wasn't one of those times.  Most lessons are lost when that happens.

The Minnie's I picked up from a yard sale last year.  They are from two different sets.  I only know this because I had previously picked the same ones up new for my niece at some point.  The sets are pretty much interchangeable.  The clothes fit each doll the same.  The only exception is that one Minnie's hands are different.  When the arms are moved the dress pops off.  This became a critical piece of knowledge when Bear couldn't figure out how to put her shoes on without holding her body.  The arms would move, the dress popped off, and Bear started to get visibly frustrated.  That Minnie went back to the bag for a bit.  He calmed down very quickly while easily transitioning to the other Minnie.

Overall, not a bad little tot School lesson for him.  I was able to get him to verbalized more than when he's not one on one with me.  In the future we may touch on colors, please/thank you, or even take turns picking out stuff for the same Minnie.  


  1. We have those Minnie's too and I do the same thing!

    1. I remember getting them for niece and figured since I had seen so many of them for sale Eve might enjoy them when she gets a bit older. Didn't even think about Bear liking them. Glad he does though cause it means they get some extra use out of them.


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