Friday, April 14, 2017

Peek inside the Easter Baskets

Easter is right around the corner.  Since I have everything I need for them, I just went ahead and put them together early.  I know my kids can't handle an all candy Easter basket.  Eve is obviously too young for it, but I really don't think Bear is there either.  We did pick up a bag of chocolates that he will get to enjoy throughout the rest of the month.  

Let's take a look at what's in Bears basket first.

 There is a decent amount in there.  As you can see there is one candy item.

What's inside is really a splattering of things I had left over to give him.  There is a smock, Peter rabbit book, water color set, chocolate egg, glow sticks, light saber bubbles, Take n Play train (gater), 2 little people, and 2 mini Marvel Mr. potato heads.  Again lots of random stuff, but all things he should like.  

 There is one and only one things of chocolate in there.  He will get small boxes of yogurt covered raisins in the eggs we put outside for him.  This is our little attempt at a traditional Easter egg hunt for Bear.

You probably notice that the only eggs like options in his basket are the two carrots with the little people in them.  The original idea was to put the various parts of the Marvel Mr. potato heads into different eggs.  However, I was unable to fit some of the parts in any of the eggs or other egg like Easter fill-ables I have.  I thought it odd to just a part of them placed in the baskets so I decided to keep them together and not have any eggs at all.

Why little to no candy?  This is the biggest question I get asked.  Frankly, I don't think he really cares all that much about the candy.  Especially not with the other toys in there.  He isn't big on the candy anyway so why encourage it.  Additionally, growing up I don't remember that much candy in my basket.  Sure we got a chocolate bunny and some peeps, but I preferred the sidewalk chalk and Barbie much more than the sweets.  So small toys with some treats are what we do.

Onto Eve's Easter Basket.  She's 8mo and really this is more for pictures than anything else.  There is stuff she can use in there though.  

Not a much stuff as I had hoped to put in there.  I was hoping to find a stuffed bunny for some hair bows to throw in there.  There is some time so if I find more then great. If not oh well. 

Eve has some Beechnut food pouches in flavors she loves, Puffs (which she may or may not end up eating), a Pete rabbit book, 2 teething toys, 2 bath books, and a light saber bubbles.  

The most exciting for me is the bath time books.  I remember ones like these when I was growing up.  They are obviously out of Eve's cognitive level, but they are another toy she can play with or look at in the bath.

Next year I am hoping to be able to make them a bit more exciting.  Here's to hoping!

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