Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Park with the Kids

Some evening I get really really bored and insist we all head to the park.  Bear is usually super hyped up on these days.  What better way to calm a kid down for bed then to burn some serious energy running around a playground. 

The playgrounds on post tend to be empty right after dinner and that is the best time.  Eve can hang out in her stroller while we run after Bear.  

This was different one than we normally go to.  The wood chipped bottom isn't my favorite.  However, he didn't seem to mind the switch.

Eve got some time on the bench staring at Bear running around.  It won't be too long before she is out there with him. 

I think one of the best features of this park was the scavenger hunt.  He could tell me a bunch of the items on the list and even started asking what the other ones were. 

He was the first to notices these all around the playground, but he wasn't interested in the scavenger hunt this day.  If we come back we will have to make a point to do this with him as I think he would like it.

This climbing tube seemed to be his favorite part of the park.

This one loves being outside.  She loves watching what's going on.

She especially loves to stick her tongue out.  I'd say she enjoyed her time at the park.  

Then there is this.  One of the few things that drive me nuts that kids do.  If the park is empty or almost empty fine.  Have at it.  Just don't get in the way of a kid that wants to use the slide the way it was intended.  My kid will knock your butt over and not think twice about it.  I won't either.  Got that stink eye mom?  If my kid gets knocked over because of this, then maybe he will learn the next time to use it the right way.  This particular day we were the only ones in the park or I would have told him to stop.  

Both kids fell asleep on the drive home.  Ah, a silent car ride and easy (and early) bedtime.  This is the life!  


  1. Playground trips are the best! E loves hanging out in the swings.

    1. The parks on post here are very well maintained so we use them more than I thought we would.

  2. Looks like they had so much fun. What's better than being outside?!


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