Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Moving - Step One and Two

Steps One:

For our move, this means emptying out the guest bedroom.  To do so, take apart the bed and remove it from the room (failed already as you can see below).  Next, take piles of crap and move them to a different room.  This will make the other space more cramped than one would like.  

We took apart the bed, but don't have a place to put it just yet.  That will come soon as I am almost done clearing a spot for it.  The stack of pictures and such need to go as well.  Ah, the best-laid plans....

The bed took apart but needs to be moved.
The pile of baby gear obviously needs to stay.
P.S. These curtains may make the move with us as I
hate not having curtains in a room where I am sleeping.  

Step Two:

The purpose of this is to have a space you can put everything you need to take with you in one location. Having a door (well labeled) is an added benefit as the Packers are far less likely to box stuff up that you might actually want to keep with you.  I have begun placing things into the room despite it not being completely emptied.  Normally I wouldn't do this, however, I don't want things to get lost in the mix and accidentally packed.

Pictures need to go, but car top luggage carrier stays.

In here will be everything we are taking with us.  It also gives the kids and pups a place to be while the packer and movers are busy.  Or just a place to get away from everyone and all the boxes.  

 As you can see I also started pulling aside toys and such for the move for the kids.  They each will get a backpack of toys to play with during the move.  Additionally, I am packing another backpack with toys for both of them in the case of this time in limbo runs longer than expected or we are in a house without much while waiting on our stuff from long term storage.  I will also have a very small box of toys for them for their birthdays since we likely won't have our HHG (Household Goods) by then.  More on all that later. 

 For now, if you need me I'll be going through all our stuff getting ready for the move.  Where are those helper elves when you need them?  I'll settle for a few hours uninterrupted to get stuff done.  


  1. Send some helper elves my way too haha! We are starting the heavy purging this weekend.


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