Friday, April 28, 2017

Dear EV (Apr 2017 - Nine Months Old)

Dear EV,

Another month with what feels like a bunch of physical growth milestones.  You are pushing up onto all fours and even attempting to crawl like that.  You take is one or two "steps" forward and then plop onto your belly.  I also wonder if you are going to try to skip really crawling all together as you are pulling yourself up on anything and everything you can.  Those standing toys are really coming in handy.

Personality wise you are and have been such a happy baby.  You love to smile, laugh, and chat with anyone who will listen.  The cause and effect aspect of being tickled could entertain you for hours.  You look for that back and forth "banter" with people.   

OK onto your current stats:

Weight:   17 lbs 10 oz (birth weight: 6 lbs)

Length:  27.5 inches (birth length: 19 in)

Diaper size: cloth diapers are all boxed up so you won't be in those until we are at the next location.  Disposables wise you fit perfectly in a size 3 Huggies snug and dry.  

Clothing size:  until we move you will be in 6-month clothing and I will have to make that work for you.  Some sleepers have been retired because they are just too tight length wise on you. I really think you could be in 6-9m clothing right now without any problems.  However, the move is dictating a bunch right now.

Feedings/eating:  If you had your way you would be eating solid food all the time.  We try to give you as much as we can whenever we can.  A formula is still the base of your diet.  Some days you don't seem to mind while others you are ready to toss the bottle across the room and grab 

Likes: You love being in a swing, crawling around, and standing.  Anything really that gives you some freedom.  The corral is a great place for you to crawl around and play.  We attached a few toys onto the sides which you seemed to like very much.  You also still love the pups, being outside and when your brother interacts with you.  More on that last one a bit later.

Dislikes:  Obviously being confined is not your cup of tea.  Car rides when you don't nap tend to be very loud.  You are more than willing to vocalize your distaste of things when not happy.  Baths are also not your favorite, but you tolerate them for short periods of time.  I'm interested to see how you do with the pool this summer.  It will be a rough summer for all if you don't like the pool.

Sleep:  this has been an interesting thing with you.  Some days you sleep beautifully in your crib without a peep. Other days you freak out and want to be held all.night.long.  I don't do well with the lack of sleep and neither do you.  Thankfully you have picked up my ability to sleep almost anywhere.  This helps a ton on those days when you aren't interested in being in your crib.

Stop boycotting sleep already.  It catches up to you eventually, then you fall over in the corral and get mad at me like I knocked you over.  Not cool Eve, not cool.  

Funny moments:  There was a toy lot I had picked up that contained a baby doll.  A wee Stella doll to be exact. That wasn't the toy I was after, but the person wouldn't separate out the one I wanted from the doll.  Anyway, your brother wanted to play with it so I cleaned it up and gave it to him.  You stared at him the whole time while he was playing so I told Bear to give you a turn. 

He plopped the doll right in your lap.  You looked horrified at first!  After a some rather strange looks that were almost accompanied by tears you started to finally touch the doll.  You pulled at the hair, tried to pick it up and even took the bottle "out" (it's magnetic) of the doll's mouth.  Bear said "no EV.  My turn." While running over the help you.  

He showed you what to do and tried to even do hand over hand to help you.  You laughed and giggled at him.  Some points it even looked like you were really trying to follow what Bear was trying to get you to do.  If I tried to help you though you got very serious and mean mugged me.  Only Bear could help you.  Your love for him shocks me daily! 

 As for the doll, well I'm not sure if you really like the doll now or if you just liked that Bear was playing with you.  If in the future you get a doll like this as a gift (maybe say as a Christmas gift) don't be too surprised.  That would be a new one of course as this one is on the shelf to be sold.

Easter: We has a relatively quiet Easter celebration.  You had a ton of solid food that day and seemed to enjoy picking through your Easter basket.  Bear was so animated while going through his Easter basket that it took you probably a good fifteen minutes to discover some of the stuff in your own basket.  One year you will get candy I promise!  Not at one year, but you get my point.  

Doctors Appointments: your nine-month appointment went well.  Fingers crossed that during the move there aren't any illnesses. 

Looking Forward:  I'm still looking forward to walking into your room in the morning to find you standing there yelling "mama."  That will be an amazing day!  



Your thoughts?

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