Friday, April 7, 2017

After a long night...

I spent most of the night and early morning with this little one.  She woke up just as I was going to bed with the most distressed shriek I have ever heard her make.  It took her a long time to calm down even with my holding and rocking her.  I have literally not a single clue of what was wrong with her.  

What I do know is that she would freak out if I even tried to put her down.  She and I slept on the couch, however, she only slept when I was in the most uncomfortable positions imaginable.  We both woke up several times throughout the night.  Eve just naturally runs hot and the house was a touch warm as well.  None of this was helping the situation.  

Morning rolled around and Bear woke up.  He seemed happy to find a pillow on the couch for him to use.  He is a very very easy kid in the morning as he, much like myself, likes to ease into the morning undisturbed.  If he wants to cuddle, he'll come to you.  Thankfully that was not this morning.  This mama actually got most of her hot cup of coffee down before Eve's lack of sleep started to kick in.

How I got my hot cup of coffee.  Thank you, Vtech!

The pups wanted out so on the porch they stayed most of the morning.  Thanks for being such good pups when I'm running on little sleep.  

This sweet faced child does not handle the lack of sleep well.  It's about as well as I do.  She had a brief moment of composure that clearly needed to be documented.  

The pups were begging to come in so I let them in and what do they do but spend the remainder of the morning chasing the sunlight across the floor.  Duke, you have the life!

By noon, Bear thanks to a spilled cup of milk.

Just as my patience was fading fast and my second cup of coffee finished brewing, she passed out.  HARD!  Bear got to watch kids shows to his heart's content so that I could make it through the day.  Judge me all you want.

When Eve rested for a while, I got to drink my second much-needed cup of coffee.  Feeling more awake we ventured outside for some fresh air.

Eve loves the hammock!  That smile lasted the whole time she was in it.  Bear ran around and played while we rocked and watched.

Even the pups enjoyed our time outside.

She was not thrilled with us coming in.  Eve was just fine staying in that hammock forever.  Not that I blame her. 

Look at how tired (and grumpy) this little one is.

Clearly, she is exhausted.  We all were.

They both went to bed at a normal time despite my desire to put them down early.   Thankfully they both fell asleep quickly. 

 Tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. Aww sweet girl! She looks so happy in the hammock.


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