Saturday, April 29, 2017

Completion of 101 in 1001

It has been 1001 days since I started this project, let's see how I did... 

*I added some notes after the goal on a bunch of them so it's not just my list.

Start Date:  August 1, 2014
End Date:  April 28, 2017

Completed 80

Failed - 21

101 in 1001 List

1.  Have another baby - our last baby!
2.  Have wedding dress make into a Baptismal Gown (if we ever have a daughter. If not get it cleaned and preserved) -
3.  Develop three new family traditions (3/3) 
4.  Cut down our own Christmas tree
5.  Move Bear out of his crib - this was way too easy.  Not sure why but it was.
6.  Renew our passports and get Bear one - now we need to get Eve one too
7.  Get professional family photos taken (even if it's just for the kids) - I wanted to do this but I think I would like to wait until the kids are a bit older.  
8.  Go on an actual family vacation (hotel and long drive/flight is needed)
9.  Make a picture book of Bear's first year

10.  Crochet a stuffed animal for the kids - I picked up the book and even had a friend show me how to make one.  Then I put it aside and forgot about it.

11.  Make a table runner for at least one holiday - this one is about 75-80% done.  I never made the time to finish it.  One day it will get done.
12.  Make two handmade things for Bear (decor, toys, bedding) (2/2) 
13.  Learn and use 5 new crocheting stitches (6/5) one of my favorites to complete from this list.
14.  Do five craft Pinterest inspired pins (5/5)
15.  Make or purchase a new Christmas ornament for the tree each year (3/3)
16.  Make a felt playhouse "sheet" for Bear's new bed - bought material, but need to change the idea because of the new bed he got. - this morphed when Bear got a new bed.  I do still plan to make it for him, it's just going to have to wait.
17.  Grow a herb garden from scratch and keep it alive for one year 

18.  Try five new to me ingredients (fruit, vegetable, spice, etc.) (5/5)
19.  Eat twenty Vegetarian meals throughout this project (20/20)
20.  Bake thirty new dishes throughout the course of this project. (Sweet or Savory) (30/30)
21.  Use the fondue pot two times (2/2)
22.  Cook ten dishes spread out between breakfast (3/3), lunch(3/3), and dinner(4/4)
23.  Cook two different types of cupcakes from scratch (2/2)
24.  Do ten food related Pinterest pins (10/10)
25.  Try a new cocktail
26.  Buy a pastry cutter or pasta maker and make homemade ravioli
27.  Try an ethnic food I have not tried before

28.  Find and make a good devil dog knock off recipe - I found the real things locally so I didn't need to try to recreate one.
29.  Eat bacon in something it really doesn't belong in (ie. cookies)
30.  Get an ice cream maker and make 2 different types of ice cream or sherbet (2/2) - an amazing purchase!!!!  I would buy it again in a heartbeat!
31.  Learn to use one of our kitchen "gadgets" to our fullest extent - KitchenAid mixer is a great investment when left out for easy use.
32.  Use fine china at least once! (....even if it's just for our anniversary) - this oddly seemed like one of the hardest things to complete.  I think fine china should be for people who never move and have started hosting holiday meals.
33.  Bring or send Christmas cookies to at least three different people (4/3)
34.  Give up sugary desserts for one month (fresh fruit does not count) - I really still want to do this.  I have a major sweet tooth and I feel like this may help me get that under control.
35.  No eating out for one month - This was significantly easier than I thought it would be.
36.  No eating at the same restaurant twice in one month
37.  Order different things at restaurants we normally frequent 5 different times (5/5)

38.  Document fifty heart rate monitor workouts (50/50)- another hard one to complete because I would forget to take a picture of it let alone put it online.
39.  Run with Bear twice (2/2)
40.  Complete fifty miles in one month (outside or treadmill)
41.  Drop below my pre-pregnancy weight - YAY for breastfeeding weight loss!
42.  Take three fitness classes on Post or in town (2/3) - so close yet not complete.  I took two yoga classes on post that I loved!  Then got knocked up and was told not to do any of that because they didn't want me stressing my body out when it was already stressed.  While I prefer to workout alone I don't seem to mind some of the group classes.  

43.  Do yoga 40 times in 2 months (42/40)

44.  Have a dinner party
45.  Host a wine and cheese/dessert party - no excuse here.  I had plenty of opportunities just no follow through here.
46.  Buy three new board games and actually use them (4/3)
47.  Go on a wine tasting - this is a sad one to not have checked off.  There are plenty of great wineries in the area but then post went and got rid of the hourly daycare.  Whom whomp whomp.
48.  Attend a food festival - there were some food festivals in the area, but none that I was willing to drag my preggo butt (or nursing newborn) to that would have been any fun for me.  
49.  Go to a drive-in movie or movie at a park (if available, if not then an at home alternative) - we did the at home alternative.  There is very old drive in movie theater but it was rained out each time we tried to go. 
50.  Have an old fashioned family movie night three times (3/3) - That number is probably closer to 30 since we try to do a movie night a few times a month.
51.  Play mini golf/putt putt twice (2/2)
52.  See a Cirque show, Play, or some other theatrical show

53.  Learn to play Mahjong with the set we got as a gift - no reason other than I simply never tried to even do this one.  The set still sits on the shelf waiting to be used.
54.  Go fishing Again - this was a nice idea for when the kids get older.  Being pregnant and having a toddler we just couldn't muster the drive to get this one done.
55.  Go camping or backyard camping with Bear - This fail is one of those best-laid plans situations.  We pulled out the tent and sleeping bags and even set it up downstairs.  The tent was even set up indoors at one point.  The weather went nuts (high heat and rain) and we never bothered to try again.  
56.  Find and teach a new card game or board game to hubby's family
57.  Watch twenty-five movies that hubby recommends that I have not seen (25/25) - I realize I have not seen a lot of movies from this goal.  

58.  Write ten makeup related posts (10/10)
59.  Participate in ten OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) posts (0/10). I realize that 10 times is not a lot and yet I still failed this one.  While I did do many ones that I could have posted about it's really just not my thing.  So fail from the beginning?!?!
60.  Post twenty different food related blog posts (20/20) (Meal Plan Mondays, wordless Wednesday)
61.  Take, upload and post 250 pictures from my DSLR to the blog (250/250)

62.  Pay off 4Runner early
63.  Remain debt free for the course of this project (not to include car/home/student loans) 
64.  Start a college fund for kids

65.  Buy fresh flowers twice for myself for no reason (2/2) - oddly harder than I thought it would be.  I never remembered to do this.
66.  Pickup four reusable grocery bags (0/4) and two cold reusable bags(0/2); actually use them
67.  Buy an old map to frame as a picture - I haven't found the right map just yet
68.  Buy or make new pillows for the couches - I had these plans back when our couches were in much better shape.  They have gone to crap and really need to be tossed so waiting until after we buy new couches to get some cozy pillows for it.  
69.  Get an Alabama and Louisiana state magnets for my father
70.  Buy something designer
71.  Buy a photo converter and transfer all family photos on to digital media or back up all digital photos
72.  Own a coffee table book
73.  Find Christmas Stockings and get names embroidered on them - I am so happy with how these turned out!  Pottery Barn ones were worth every penny.
74.  Surprise hubby with a gift I know he wants but will not get himself

75.  Set aside thirty minutes a day to read for sixty consecutive days (60/60)
76.  Read twenty-five books (fifteen of which must be eBooks) (13/25) - the spirit of this was for me to read more and I do.  That 13 isn't accurate because I stopped updating it when I was rereading old parenting books for Eve.  Though  I'm not sure I ever hit the 25, I do think I got close.
77.  Read all the books on our bookshelf within the next two duty stations (12/ ? ) - I ended up reading more developmental books that I bought and never made the time to finish this one.
78.  Get better at cutting men's hair 
79.  Learn one hundred signs and be able to use them with Bear and/or Baby Girl (110/100) - I even started using this with Eve
80.  Get better at French - not better but not any worse
81.  Teach Bear at least ten words in at least two different languages (English and ASL do not count) (0/10) - Bear has enough trouble with speech and language so this isn't happening anytime soon.
82.  Collect five Newbery(5/5) and five Caldecott (5/5) award winning books 
83.  Get three children's books in another language for Bear (3/3)

84.  Buy a piece of clothing out of my comfort zone
85.  Buy five new Lush bath bombs to enjoy in a relaxing bath (12/5)
86.  Buy eight classic wardrobe pieces (8/8)
87.  Learn twenty new beauty tricks (hair, makeup, nails, fashion) (20/20)
88.  Share five of the beauty tricks I learned with my friends and/or family (5/5)
89.  Do not purchase any makeup (unless that item is completely used up)
90.  Buy an expensive outfit upon reaching my goal weight
91.  Find a purse I love and use it until it for the duration of this project 
92.  Maintain painted nails/toenails for two consecutive months (8/8 weeks) - super hard to do.  never again.  Maintaining nails that could be painted wasn't so bad, but when my paint starts to chip it needs to come off.
93.  Wear my hair down fourteen times within a thirty day period (14/14) - Another super hard one for me with little kids and long hair.
94.  Purchase fifteen pieces of jewelry (costume jewelry counts) (20/15)

95.  Get a stack-able jewelry holder that will fit what I currently have with extra available space or something else comparable 
96.  Properly store all of our Disney movies - we have a ton of movies and I need to go through them all to find the ones that don't work.

97.  Organize my craft closet and sell/donate anything I won't use
98.  Add our favorite recipes to our recipe box 
99.  Keep the kitchen/coffee/end tables all clear of clutter for at least one full month - neat but not clear.  Again the goal was to drive me to clean them off and keep them that way.  I do a significantly better job than before but never completed this goal.
100.  Donate or sell any unread books near the end of the project - I'm sure there is more than I could have purged, but for now, this will work.
101.  Go through all my clothing, donate any unwanted usable clothing (we do this yearly)


Overall not that bad.  I'm not jumping into another one, but maybe when things settle down again,

Friday, April 28, 2017

Dear EV (Apr 2017 - Nine Months Old)

Dear EV,

Another month with what feels like a bunch of physical growth milestones.  You are pushing up onto all fours and even attempting to crawl like that.  You take is one or two "steps" forward and then plop onto your belly.  I also wonder if you are going to try to skip really crawling all together as you are pulling yourself up on anything and everything you can.  Those standing toys are really coming in handy.

Personality wise you are and have been such a happy baby.  You love to smile, laugh, and chat with anyone who will listen.  The cause and effect aspect of being tickled could entertain you for hours.  You look for that back and forth "banter" with people.   

OK onto your current stats:

Weight:   17 lbs 10 oz (birth weight: 6 lbs)

Length:  27.5 inches (birth length: 19 in)

Diaper size: cloth diapers are all boxed up so you won't be in those until we are at the next location.  Disposables wise you fit perfectly in a size 3 Huggies snug and dry.  

Clothing size:  until we move you will be in 6-month clothing and I will have to make that work for you.  Some sleepers have been retired because they are just too tight length wise on you. I really think you could be in 6-9m clothing right now without any problems.  However, the move is dictating a bunch right now.

Feedings/eating:  If you had your way you would be eating solid food all the time.  We try to give you as much as we can whenever we can.  A formula is still the base of your diet.  Some days you don't seem to mind while others you are ready to toss the bottle across the room and grab 

Likes: You love being in a swing, crawling around, and standing.  Anything really that gives you some freedom.  The corral is a great place for you to crawl around and play.  We attached a few toys onto the sides which you seemed to like very much.  You also still love the pups, being outside and when your brother interacts with you.  More on that last one a bit later.

Dislikes:  Obviously being confined is not your cup of tea.  Car rides when you don't nap tend to be very loud.  You are more than willing to vocalize your distaste of things when not happy.  Baths are also not your favorite, but you tolerate them for short periods of time.  I'm interested to see how you do with the pool this summer.  It will be a rough summer for all if you don't like the pool.

Sleep:  this has been an interesting thing with you.  Some days you sleep beautifully in your crib without a peep. Other days you freak out and want to be held all.night.long.  I don't do well with the lack of sleep and neither do you.  Thankfully you have picked up my ability to sleep almost anywhere.  This helps a ton on those days when you aren't interested in being in your crib.

Stop boycotting sleep already.  It catches up to you eventually, then you fall over in the corral and get mad at me like I knocked you over.  Not cool Eve, not cool.  

Funny moments:  There was a toy lot I had picked up that contained a baby doll.  A wee Stella doll to be exact. That wasn't the toy I was after, but the person wouldn't separate out the one I wanted from the doll.  Anyway, your brother wanted to play with it so I cleaned it up and gave it to him.  You stared at him the whole time while he was playing so I told Bear to give you a turn. 

He plopped the doll right in your lap.  You looked horrified at first!  After a some rather strange looks that were almost accompanied by tears you started to finally touch the doll.  You pulled at the hair, tried to pick it up and even took the bottle "out" (it's magnetic) of the doll's mouth.  Bear said "no EV.  My turn." While running over the help you.  

He showed you what to do and tried to even do hand over hand to help you.  You laughed and giggled at him.  Some points it even looked like you were really trying to follow what Bear was trying to get you to do.  If I tried to help you though you got very serious and mean mugged me.  Only Bear could help you.  Your love for him shocks me daily! 

 As for the doll, well I'm not sure if you really like the doll now or if you just liked that Bear was playing with you.  If in the future you get a doll like this as a gift (maybe say as a Christmas gift) don't be too surprised.  That would be a new one of course as this one is on the shelf to be sold.

Easter: We has a relatively quiet Easter celebration.  You had a ton of solid food that day and seemed to enjoy picking through your Easter basket.  Bear was so animated while going through his Easter basket that it took you probably a good fifteen minutes to discover some of the stuff in your own basket.  One year you will get candy I promise!  Not at one year, but you get my point.  

Doctors Appointments: your nine-month appointment went well.  Fingers crossed that during the move there aren't any illnesses. 

Looking Forward:  I'm still looking forward to walking into your room in the morning to find you standing there yelling "mama."  That will be an amazing day!  


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I will miss...

The Korean Restaurant near us when we move.  
Look at this deliciousness!

That duck was amazing!

Heaven on a tray right there.

Bear even ate some.

We can't forget about baby Eve.

Eve couldn't eat anything and she loudly protested about it all.

She was much better when she got some food of her own.  

There was also pork belly...

All of this peaceful eating was thanks to some new (to us) Thomas Trains.

Of all the restaurants around us, this will be the one I miss the most.  Every place has something and Maryland has the amazing Korean restaurants.  

Monday, April 24, 2017

Menu Time (again)

Getting rid of the pantry means lots of blah meals because we need the stuff gone.  
I'm trying to use up as much as I can so we aren't wasting anything.  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

For my next trick....

I will place all of these clothes into this medium size bag.  
Looks tough.  Here we go...

And I failed.  I fit more than I thought I would.  

Then I realized that Eve needed some of this 
packed in a suitcase for her to wear.

Then the rest fit in the bag.  

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Klip klop Castle Find

If you like to shop yard sales or sale sites, you will find that there are just times when there is a bunch of great finds.  That how it's seemed lately.  I'm not sure if it's just because it's PCS season or the nice weather is cause people to clean out their stuff, but wow.  So many great deals lately.  Last year I found a bunch of baby girl clothes, but this year it's a bunch of toys for Eve.  I tried to pick a few that she would like and this is one of them.

There was a bit of cleaning that needed to be done.  Not that it was dirty per say, there was just a bunch of dust on it.  I should have taken a duster to it first then a Clorox wipe.  I skipped that step and went right for the wipes and made a bigger mess of things.  What you can't see is that all the ramps have these mini grooves which help the horses walk.  The dust got wet and gunked up the grooves.  Something I won't do again.  

A bunch of people posted this same toy, but this one was in the best condition and even had some extra horses.  The set new comes with two. I may or may not pick up another horse or two depending on how she likes them.

I mentioned the grooves before and they help the horses walk making the "clip clop" sounds. I haven't tried them on anything else like a cardboard ramp to see if they work there, but it didn't seem to matter to Bear.  He jumped right in and figured it all out quickly.  I'm sure Eve will pick up on it quickly.  

There are two stalls for the horses.  Bear assumed the middle part was also a stall and got a bit frustrated when Ariel wouldn't stay because it's a ramp out of the stall area.  

The carousel was a cute addition to it.  Bear couldn't figure out how to get them to stay in the carousel, so I know it's likely that Eve will as well.  There is a hole the horses mount onto.  Once I showed him he was able to do it himself.  He was getting flustered that they wouldn't just sit there and stay on when he spun the base.

While I bought it for Eve, she may have a fight on her hands over Belle.  Bear seemed pretty fond of that one in particular.  Maybe it just looked more like a real horse or that we had recently watched Beauty and the Beast, but wow was it a fight to get it back from him. 

The plan is to give it to Eve for Christmas since it is an 18-month-old toy.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have no problem gifting toys I got used at this point.  Kids are expensive so I'll save money where I can, while I can.  This set cost me a whole $5.  I can't even get extra figures for that price.  It's a win in my book!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Moving - Step One and Two

Steps One:

For our move, this means emptying out the guest bedroom.  To do so, take apart the bed and remove it from the room (failed already as you can see below).  Next, take piles of crap and move them to a different room.  This will make the other space more cramped than one would like.  

We took apart the bed, but don't have a place to put it just yet.  That will come soon as I am almost done clearing a spot for it.  The stack of pictures and such need to go as well.  Ah, the best-laid plans....

The bed took apart but needs to be moved.
The pile of baby gear obviously needs to stay.
P.S. These curtains may make the move with us as I
hate not having curtains in a room where I am sleeping.  

Step Two:

The purpose of this is to have a space you can put everything you need to take with you in one location. Having a door (well labeled) is an added benefit as the Packers are far less likely to box stuff up that you might actually want to keep with you.  I have begun placing things into the room despite it not being completely emptied.  Normally I wouldn't do this, however, I don't want things to get lost in the mix and accidentally packed.

Pictures need to go, but car top luggage carrier stays.

In here will be everything we are taking with us.  It also gives the kids and pups a place to be while the packer and movers are busy.  Or just a place to get away from everyone and all the boxes.  

 As you can see I also started pulling aside toys and such for the move for the kids.  They each will get a backpack of toys to play with during the move.  Additionally, I am packing another backpack with toys for both of them in the case of this time in limbo runs longer than expected or we are in a house without much while waiting on our stuff from long term storage.  I will also have a very small box of toys for them for their birthdays since we likely won't have our HHG (Household Goods) by then.  More on all that later. 

 For now, if you need me I'll be going through all our stuff getting ready for the move.  Where are those helper elves when you need them?  I'll settle for a few hours uninterrupted to get stuff done.  

Barbie Hair Fixes Part 1

Let's jump right on into it.   Every doll hair fix tutorial I could find started with brushing out the dolls hair.  It may look worse...