Monday, March 27, 2017

Pinning for home

I have been using Pinterest a lot lately especially when Eve insists on being held until she falls asleep.  Normally its aim less pinning, but recently it's a lot of home stuff.  We have been thinking about the possibility of buying a home and what changes we could make, big or small, to make it work for us.  It will be nice t actually be able to make things our own if we buy instead of renting.

1. Easy Storage Ideas - There are always those simple storage solutions that make life a bit easier.  Ideas like the one below are just a few of the ideas we would like be able to use in our own home.


2. Outdoor Furniture - I have always wanted to get outdoor furniture similar to this.  We enjoy time outside a great deal and this could be perfect!  We have been putting money aside for this for a while.  I'm hoping we have a need for it at the next location.


3.  LED nightlight in outlet covers - I hate losing an outlet to a nightlight and this obviously solves that simple annoyance.  


4.  Better art for Bears room -  Bear's room has some makeshift art that we did before he was born.  He could use some updated ones like the ones below. 



  1. I love the trash bag solution! Underneath the kitchen sink is the worst place to organize!


Your thoughts?

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