Friday, March 3, 2017

New Puzzle Storage

After about the thirty thousandth time of dealing with these puzzles, I'm so very over it!  The bags are breaking through the bag.  I am constantly reassembling them because the pieces end up everywhere. What I dislike the most is watching them get messed up needlessly.  I am finally fed up enough to do something about it.

I picked up envelopes to put them in.  I took a guess at it and picked up a cheap option that solved the problem.

The velcro was key because I needed something that the kids (or just Bear) could handle.  

It's a decent fit for the majority of the puzzles.  They are expandable folders so I got them big enough to fit two puzzles in one sleeve.  I tried to pair them up as best as I could.  

These ones in particular both had pegs and as you can see they fit just fine in there together.

Standing them up on the shelf won't be much of an issue.  

The multi piece Melissa and Doug puzzles tested the limits of the limits a bit of it, but they fit.  It's all in how the seams of the plastic fit.  They are a bit stiff so they pop out a touch in the upper corners.  This doesn't bother me though.  

The fire truck talking peg puzzle is so thick that it only fits one in the sleeve.  There is a touch of room to it but it's too be expected. 

I plan to keep them upright like this on the bookshelf and as you can see the puzzles stay intact pretty well.  There isn't much wiggle room for the pieces to fall out, but some have shifted a bit.  

So far Bear needs a bit of help putting them away.  However I think he likes that he can have a few two puzzles at once.  For me it's less he can have at once and the pieces stay with the puzzles!  


  1. This is such a smart idea!!! I love it.

    1. It was so much better than the wire storage racks. It also limits what he can get into.


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