Girls trip to Target

It's not every day that I get to spend some time with just my little girl.  I decided on a trip to Target.  I wanted to look around and enjoy a cup of hot coffee.  The plan was to pick up coffee as we were getting low.  I left with a bunch more.  Doesn't it always work out like that?

I think she enjoyed our time as much as I did.  She is all smiles the whole time.  How could you not enjoy a trip with this happy little kid?

I know Eve has a bunch of clothes already, but she doesn't have any pajamas in the upcoming sizes.  I have no problem picking up stuff like that early, especially when it's on sale for half off or more.  The savings are well worth it to me.  I did splurge and pick up a cute matching set.  Below is what I picked up. 

Bear needed a swimsuit for this summer.  Hopefully, I can keep this on him.  This kid hates clothes in general let alone a swimsuit.  

Target win in my book.


  1. You can never go wrong with a girls trip to Target! :) I love what you found.

    1. Target deals oh kids clothes at the end of the season can be better than anything else I've found from other stores.


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