Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dear EV (Mar 2017 - Eight Months Old)

Dear EV,

Another month goes flying by with your sweet smile!  Oh how I love that big smile of yours.  I will never get tired of see it.  You are my happy baby!

What big changes this month!  Eve you started babbling "mama", trying to crawl, got another tooth, and clearly showed us you want more real food.  That big personality is coming through more and more.  When you don't like something, everyone in earshot knows it!

Can we talk about the tongue for a second?  You had about a full week where it seemed like your tongues was constantly out!  What an interesting week that was.  

There was also the first snow storm quickly followed by ice of the year.  We headed out and pulled you around in the sled.  You didn't seem fazed by it all.  You did seem to enjoy watching your brother go sleigh riding.  

OK onto your current stats:

Weight: 17.4 lbs (birth weight: 6 lbs)*

Length: inches (birth length: 19 in)*

*Once again you don't have a doctors appointment this month so I took the measurements on my own.  They seem to vary from what the doctors office seems to find. 

Diaper size: Size 3 in disposables.  We over bought disposables so we haven't used the .  We may need to move you up to the one size soon. 

Clothing size:  you are still in 6m clothing.  There are a few big 3-6m stuff that fits you, but they aren't going hang around much longer.  I even had to pick up some summer stuff because the weather suddenly got hot.  We only had winter stuff for you and on 70+ degree days that isn't going to cut it.  

  we are still doing only puréed food with you.  I am trying some thicker purées to help you move up towards a chunky texture.  Apples are your favorite food with pumpkin coming in a close second.    

Likes: you love the activity board that comes off the walker toy, the push motorized jeep, car trips, cooling teething rings, and eating!  You love eating real food! 


 the dogs barking, being in your car seat when not in the car, watching people eat if you aren't eating too, your brothers shrieks, and teething.

You currently have two teeth.  You cut the first tooth at the end of last month and a few short days later the second one broke through.  I'm thinking that by how much you are chomping on everything in sight

Crawling: you don't crawl yet.  You are learning to push up onto your arms and even sometimes get your knees underneath you.  Eve, you do pull yourself across the floor with your forearms.  It's an adorable sight to see.  

Sweet moment:  I love watching you with your brother.  He is really loves. Always trying to play with you or help you out.  It so sweet. One day he won't like having his little sister tagging alone, but until that day you are just soaking it up. 

Speaking/words: the constant babbling has turned into some real words.  "MaMa" and "DaDa" are clear.  You seem to have some understanding of what they mean as well.  When one of us leaves the room you tend to call for us using the correct names.  Your aren't terribly consistent, but I'm shockingly surprised. 

Looking Forward:
  I can't wait to hear you calling for me to come get you when nap time is over.




  1. E is obsessed with pumpkin with butternut squash coming in a close second. I can't believe our girls are getting so big!


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