Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why Didn't We Buy This Sooner?!?!

We try to have a movie or family night a couple times a month.  Most of the time that includes homemade popcorn.  A novelty to me, Hubs grew up getting it.  It's a lot better than the microwave version that I typically burn.  Like normal we were walking around Target and just picked this up on whim.  We LOVE it! bear most of all.  I think that is because he can help since it's so stinkin' easy!

The big bowl is needed if you fill it to the max.

The lid on the top is also used for measuring out the kernels.  This was the max amount.  There are some that "jump" out of the machine before ever getting a chance to pop.  We toss them back in the way the came  out until it starts to pop. 
Bear is not allowed to do this step.  
Does anyone have a popcorn machine that does this?

Bears' favorite part.

I can't blame him.  It smells so yummy!

He's patiently waiting.  If only you could hear his commentary for it!

Ready to go after a pinch of salt!

Yes, my movie pick was Christmas Vacation.
Christmas may be over, but there is snow coming down outside.  


  1. Air poppers are the best!!!!

  2. I LOVE my air popper. A few kernels always come out but I toss them back in. Try putting a clean dish towel over it while it pops so popcorn doesn't fly all over the kitchen. You can also put butter in the top cup and it will melt as the popcorn pops.


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