Thursday, February 23, 2017

Salt and Pepper Shakers

When we got married we were given these salt and pepper grinders.  Six years later and not only am I bored with them, but the flaws in the design are become more and more annoying to me.  Who knew you could be annoyed with a salt and pepper grinder?

I don't know that you can see it on our counter, but the grinders leave bits all over the counter or any other surface that you place them on.  Put it down on the table and when you lift it there will be salt/pepper.  It's insanely annoying!

There is nothing on the bottom to keep the salt/pepper from getting everywhere.  Believe me it doesn't seem annoying at first.  Six years later you get sick of cleaning the same spot with a sponge with every use.

I looked for a new set for a while, but gave up because these still work no matter how annoying they are to me.  While walking through target Hubs found these new ones. 

They seem to fit the criteria of things I was looking for in the new ones.

  • Both are grinders and even are adjustable in how course of a grind.  This is a nice bonus!
  • They have the grinders on the top more like the traditional shakers so they won't leave bits on the counter. 
  • No cap to put on and off to use them.
  • The grinders aren't bad looking.  They aren't the prettiest things I've seen, but they aren't the worst either.
  • Most of all they didn't cost nearly as much as other sets I have been looking at.  Thanks to a Target gift card they technically only cost me about $3 out of pocket.  

We have used them for a few weeks and I really, really like them.  I have on occasion put them grinder side down when we first started using them.  I guess old habits are hard to break.  A great little find in my opinion.

*This is NOT sponsored. 


  1. I love the new ones you got, I've only heard good things about them.


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