Monday, February 13, 2017


Stop growing so fast!  In one big swoop Eve has now outgrow her bouncy seat and her Sleep and Rock.  The days are numbered for her swing too.  Back in December I saw her do this.

Sitting up in a seat like this means she's outgrown it. However, it was only that one time.  Since then I have only put her in this when she was already asleep and I'm in the room to watch when she wakes up.  

Then she did this.


Not good!  This is obviously not safe.  Even more so since she is elevated off the ground.  Ever since she sat up in her sleep and rock she has been trying to sit up in her bouncy seat.  The last three times I put her in it I had to take her out of it within 5 minutes because she's trying to sit up.  We want to keep her safe so she won't be using them anymore.  Which now means that we have two infant items that can leave this house.

She has yet to actually sit up in the swing or even attempt to.  There being a full harness makes that a bit more difficult for her.  I know it's just a matter of time before she starts to try.  When she does make that first attempt it will be gone too!  

Yes I know she doesn't have the harness on in this picture.  I was about to take her out so relax people.  

It's sad to know I won't need these items again so let's reminisce by looking at come pictures of the kids in the kids them!

We didn't have the sleep and rock for Bear, but he did use the swing and bouncy seat a ton!

It's sad to not need these items anymore, but I need to make way for all the new things she will need the older she gets.  


Your thoughts?

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