Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Morning Coffee Out

Some mornings I just don't have it in me to deal with a rowdy toddler and active baby.  Most of the time I can take him to the park or outside to play.  He can chase the pups around and play with his trucks in the dirt.  Just something to burn off a bit of his toddler energy.  When it's raining out it gets harder to give him places to do that.  There is the smaller indoor play area at the mall or even trying to give him space to run around downstairs, but it doesn't really seem to be enough for them.  

One morning, I packed the kids into the car and just drove to the nearest shopping center.  I stopped to and got coffee at Chick fil a.  The drive thru was crowded, but it was empty inside.  I parked and went in.  They have a CLEAN indoor playground.  It's small, but just the right size for Bear.  Like most the play is glass enclosed.  I can let him run in and play by him self as long as I find a seat near the door.  

Ah hot coffee in silence because the baby is sleeping and Bear is playing.  
Does it get much better?

First thing in the morning the play area is usually pretty empty.  I'm thinking this may be my go to spot when I want a peaceful cup of coffee and get Bear to burn off some energy.  Total win win situation!  He even found a kid to play with for a bit before we had to leave. 

On this particular day, I felt pretty bad for this poor guy.  He was trying to put up a new sign on the door, but Bear kept walking in and out forcing him to stop.  Eventually. I just told the guy that Bear is fine and likely just wants to watch.  Bear ran off to play when he realized he couldn't walk out repeatedly.

When he finished up playing he kept asking for my empty cup of coffee.  I filled it with water and handed it to him.  He was in heaven with his "cawfee."  Needless to say it was a successful outing.  One I hope to repeat soon.

Where do you take your kids to keep your sanity?


  1. I'm sure I will have to find spots to take E once she is a tyrant haha.

    1. It's always a good thing to find a spot where kids can burn off that extra energy.


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