Saturday, February 4, 2017

More Randomness

There is usually a lot going on in my life.  Right now it seems to be ten times crazier than that.  Some of it good, some of it bad.  Such is life.  Since I can't do a post to explain it all I'm going to touch on a few things here that if I get the time I would like to expand on.    

•We got some interesting news about hubby's military career.  Last I posted he had not been picked up and has started transitioning out.  Well, there is a new board being held and they are looking at two time non-selects.  We have no idea what this means for hubby at this point.  For now we are sticking with the original plan of him getting out.  Meaning he keeps doing what he need to transition out of the Army and I keep going through the house prepping for a move.  If for some reason that changes then we will adjust accordingly.

• Speaking of prepping for a move, I am attempting to go through the house.  I mentioned on Snapchat, but it belongs on here because I can't stop thinking about it.  Eve has too many clothes.  Some sizes we have nothing and others we have too much.  In other cases its off season.  I've kept it all because who knows where we will be or what size she will at the time.  Bear certainly throw me for a loop with sizing so I have most of what I need.  Stepping back and looking at it all from a distance...  It's an insane amount of clothes for anyone let alone a 6 month old.  I went through everything once and kept about half of it.  I'm going through it again and trying to keep only the best of the best stuff.  The rest will be sold, donated or tossed depending on their condition.  Obviously, I plan to hold onto them for the time being.  Maybe if we adopt or even to pass that on to family as needed.  I just can't seem to let them go just yet, but I am trying to wean it down.   

•Going though my own wardrobe doesn't seem to be much better.  Why on earth do I have a dozen pair of sock with holes in them that I still wear?   Especially when I have new ones in my drawer.  They will become dust rags when I find them while folding laundry.  Those are the little things that need to get done that I have been putting off.  The bigger task is that I have several bags of stored clothes to go through.  I need to be realistic in what I would wear again and what I could actually fit in.  Having babies has change my body.  Things just wont ever fit the same again.  That skirt from college will never fit the same way again so it needs to get tossed/sold/donated!  

• The kids have been getting along more and more.  Bear gives Eve toys in an attempt to play with her.  Clearly she can't have matchbox cars and wooden trains just yet so I have to give them back to him.  I do appreciate his effort to interact.  When he does give her one of the stroller toys Bear gets so excited that she plays with it.  Really, it's more biting than playing which seems to bother him a bit.  I hope when they get older they get along as well as they currently do.  Wishful thinking? Maybe.

Sept 2016
•There is finally some consistency to my workouts.  It's not at the same time everyday, but I am getting it in and making what time I do have count!  I'm seeing clear progress in my running with minutes dropping off and even the scale is trending downward.  The kids are slowly falling into the new routine.  Its cute to see Bear try to follow along on days I do DVD workouts.  It is still rough with one of them interrupting me every few minutes.  I know they will adjust to it right before we leave

•Eating wise I have been staying on track.  I'm drinking two shakes a day, eating healthy snacks, and reasonable dinners.  Meal prep has greatly helped with that.  We cook once a week and store the meals in the fridge.  It works for now since we are trying to go through everything before we move.  Not having to think about what to cook every night is a luxury right now.  It's also helping us keep on track health wise.  It removes the temptation to cook junk meals or order out.  When things settle down a bit I would like to start cooking most nights.  We pull a bit out of each or our meals to make a plate for Bear.  If it's something I know he won't like I will make something small to go along with the missing item.  It mainly consists of cutting up an apple or some raw veggies.  On the rare occasion I will make him something different entirely.  This has been good for him too as its pushing his limits in what he can and will eat.   

So this is life lately.  Nothing terribly exciting, but that happens some time.  Who knew adulting would involve going through your stuff repeatedly over and over again.  

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