Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

I think the reason I like doing these Friday Favorites posts is because I like reading other peoples favorites posts.  I discover (or rediscover) so many awesome new things from them.  That said here are some of my current favorites.  

Dark winter nail polish - I'm loving Lincoln Park After Dark most of all!  The deep hint of purple is prefect for this season.  It's an old polish I remember getting when it first released, but I still love it.  This is probably my third bottle of it, which should tell you something.  I will have to buy a new one when this one gets low.  Seriously, go get it.  If you own it you know its a great pick.  If you haven't used it, you will thank me for it.   

ChicoBags - OK, I know I have mentioned these way more than once on here.  However, after a trip to the commissary where I had to use their plastic bag, I went out and picked up a few more.  On the very first trip into the house with a single bag in each hand they both broke.  The first busted on the stoop and the other broke open just as I was placing it on the counter.  UGH!  Every bag had a rip in it so I grabbed a laundry basket to bring in the rest.  This has NEVER happened with my Chicobags.  Not once and I use the hell out of them.  While I can't do much about forgetting them, I did put the extras in the car just in case I forget for those small trips.  

The Dick Van Dyke Show - or really any old classic TV shows.  Bear is slow to wake up so we typically watch a show in the morning while we eat breakfast.  Judge me, I don't care.  It works for us.  The clean slapstick humor, singing, and dance is something he obviously enjoys.  He giggles most of the morning which sets the day off right in my opinion.  I was also about his age when I first saw the old black and white shows like this.  

leggings/Yoga pants
- The cold weather here has me wearing comfy clothes.  That means leggings or yoga pants and a over-sized sweater or hoodie.  Just something cozy that I feel comfortable in.  

Playtex Ventiaire original bottles (discontinued) 
- We picked these up shortly after Bear was born.  They worked the best for him at an early age when he struggled with latching.  This time around I went right for them when EV needed to switch to bottles.  She also prefers them to the various wide bottles.  I have Dr. Brown bottles, but I much prefer these due to the bend in the bottle.  It gives a better angle for feeding before they can control the bottle themselves.  


  1. I love that nail color! I need to paint my toes today, thanks for the reminder haha.

    1. anytime! I need to make time to do mine more often.


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