Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Eve got her ears pierced!

Yup, you read that correctly!  My 6 month old little girl got her ears pierced by one of the doctors in the practice.   She did amazingly well! 

Eve naturally cried after her right ear was pierced.  She wasn't losing it too much so the Doc gave her about a minute or so before doing the left ear.  When it was all done she calmed down quickly.  She even gave the Doc a big smile.  

She will keep these in for 8-10 weeks.  I will likely keep them in closer to 10 weeks just to be on the safe side.  When I clean them, I check to see that the backings are secure and everything looks good. So far we haven't had any problems with them.  After that I will likely change them to the pale pink pair we picked up for her.

When we got home I proceeded to take a billion pictures while she happily played.  These are all from about 30 minutes after she got them done.

She hasn't touched them or even shown any sign that they bother her.  Which is exactly why I got them done at this age.  

I told her to smile and this is what she did.  I'm guessing she sick of the camera being shoved in her face.  I'll let you go back to playing as normal now. 

I have to say I love the earrings on her.  There is just something so sweet about it.  I had mine done at the same age and I'm glad I could do the same thing for her.


  1. She looks so cute with her pierced ears. We have decided to not get E's ears pierced, we are going to let her decide when she is older.

  2. My daughter wants hers pierced so bad but I told her she has to be old enough to clean them, lol. Babies with earrings are so cute though!

    1. I totally get it. If we didn't do it now should would have to wait until she could take care of them herself.

  3. Love your blog and reading about your family. Read where Eve had her ears pierced. She is totally adorable with little earrings.You're a smart mommy for following your heart and mommy intuition for doing it now.

    Promise many moms will be envious of your decision and wish they had pierced their girls as infants too. Babies and little girls with little pierced ears celebrates their femininity and femaleness.

    I was sort of on the fence about doing our daughter at six months, when I asked our ped, I was surprised at her response. She encouraged me doing it when mommy could care for them.At this age, they won't play with them and heal properly without infection since they are unaware of them. Although her practice didn't pierce ears, she gave me some info for moms having their dd’s ears pierced to find the right person, place, type fo earrings and care aftewards.

    Would be happy to share by e-mail with any moms wanting more info or trying to decide ” to pierce or not to pierce.”


    1. I totally support both perspectives. Thanks so much!


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