Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Baby Food for Eve

Much like with Bear, I wanted to make Eve's Baby food.  It's a pretty simple process in my opinion.  The food also tastes a million times better than the jar stuff.  I also like that I know exactly what is in it and can adjust them to the needs of my own kid.  

These are the two books that I really, really like to use for baby food.  I am starting off making everything individually then will make more combinations later.  It's easy to mix and match later on.

Both of these books I believe can be found in Amazon.  They aren't necessarily needed, however I like the hard copy to use for quick references.  

I started the morning off with a cup of coffee and a banana, well part of one as Bear stole the rest.  I set up everything I needed to cook for the morning.  The prep takes the longest.   The kids usually interrupt me a lot in the beginning making it take even longer.  

I put the steamer on the stove so the water could boil before I put the Black Plums in the basket.  Note I use filtered water since it is for the Baby.  Also peeling the plums was super easy with "tomato peeler."  That's at least what I know it as.  Really it will peel any soft items, like tomatoes, without turning them to shreds.

I chopped up the peels and tossed them in my yogurt.  I pitted the plums then diced it up.  I had to it a tiny bit off the top near the stem because it was starting to turn brown.

In the past, I just tossed them right into the food processor.  Puréed it up and frozen them.  This isn't terrible if you want a courser purée.  I wanted something smoother for Eve to start with so I steamed them before making them into a purée.  Reserve the water below because you can use it to to thin out the purée while adding some extra vitamins to it.  

For the pears, I peeled, cored, and diced them.  Next, I put a bit of filtered water in a non stick frying pan.  Added the diced pears and cooked them until they were tender.  They start out looking like this.

When they were almost done they looked more like this.  They were tender, but not mush.  I wanted to keep some texture to them.  When she gets older I will dice them significantly smaller and give them to her like this.  Since I needed a purée, I tossed it all into the food processor.  If you think you put too much water in the pan then pour a bit into cup just in case you need to thin it out.  Yes you can use filtered or baby water instead, but why throw away all those nutrients in the cooking liquid.

After making them into a purée I put them into these silicone trays.  One cube works out to about 1 fluid ounce.  Normally, I make sure they are filled to the brim.  The carrots (frozen, steamed, puréed) I filled each cup to capacity then 

Into the deep freezer they go.  

I forgot to snap a pic of them when I pulled them out.  Just picture these slightly higher in the trays because of they expand when frozen.  

In the past I have used Tupperware, but the Ziploc bags work the best.  Just make sure you label them.  Believe me it is not fun to play "guess the meal" with baby food.

The purées pop out relatively easily.  Obviously, the less time they are out of the freezer the less messy this gets.  I recommend pulling one item out at a time while the rest are in the freezer.

The cubes stack nicely in the freezer bags.  You can store them vertically to save some space.  I like to keep them in bins since a dozen bags can get painful to switch around all the time looking for the right one.

I stack them in the freezer until needed.  They would be in the deep freezer, but I am trying empty that out.  You can also make these in bulk and store it in a freezer for up to 6 months.  

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  1. Storage bags are definitely the best for storing these! I just started making baby food and I'm loving it so far.


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