Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dear EV (Feb 2017 - Seven Months Old)

Dear EV,

How is my sweet baby girl already 7 months old!?!?  It just can't be possible, yet here we are. Slow down!  Really, it's too much for me.

Physically you have outgrown your bouncy seat and sleep and rock.  You decided to try to sit up in them so out they go!  It's sad, but it means you are getting big enough to have your own play area.  We have no idea where to put one.  I just know we need one for you soon. 

 You really prefer to be sitting up since you have pretty much mastered that skill.  The only exception is if the pups scare you.  You also have figured out how to gracefully catch yourself if you topple over.  You can even intentionally flip to your belly.  

To get around you are still rolling and pivoting until you reach your desired location.  You have tried pulling with your hand/arms, but can't seem to get traction with your legs just yet.  You are trying which is a good thing.

Eve, you like standing as well.  Any chance you get to do so you jump at the opportunity.  I wonder if you, like your brother, just prefer to walk than to crawl.  Time will tell.  

Current Stats:

Weight: 14 lbs 4 oz (birth weight: 6 lbs) *

Length: 26 inches (birth length: 19 in) *

*the measurements are ones we did since you do not have an appointment until you are 9 months old.

Diaper size:  You are really a size 3 in disposables, but I am trying to use up the last stragglers in the stash before moving on to the next size.  In cloth diapers size small still fit you really well.  I had to let it out a little bit but they still work for you.

Clothing size:  Eve you are gearing up for a big growth spurt.  I can just feel it.  The 3-6 mo clothes are hanging on still, but I don't think they will last much longer.  The sleepers aren't fitting to great so I should just move you up.  You are in a mix of those and 6 mo ones depending on the day.  The same goes for outfits. 

Foods tried:
Rice cereal, whole wheat, oatmeal,acorn squash, pumpkin, pears, butternut squash, carrots, black plums, and peas.

Feedings/eating:  I have never seen a kid love food so much.  You get super excited whenever I put you into the highchair

Likes: eating, sitting up on the floor playing, when your brother tries to play cars with you, sleep, car rides, being held, and books.  You know my favorite times from that list...

Dislikes:  When Bear takes your toys away from you, not feeding you fast enough, baths or more specifically water on your face, being in the car seat when it's not moving, being woken up from a nap early, puppies barking, and the doorbell ringing.

Moment(s):  I don't have a specific moment that stands out, but lately I find it adorable when you sit back in your exersaucer and just calmly watch everything that's going on.  Like you are just soaking it all in.  It's rare when you are calm so it's sweet to see.  

Correction.  I actually have one specific sweet moment.  You love eating.  It is by far one of your favorite parts of your day.  While out for dessert as a family, I was holding you and attempting to eat my ice cream with hot fudge.  One on of the last bites I stopped to say something to your brother.  With your mouth wide open you attempted to steal my bite but were just a bit too far away.  One day little one.  One day.

First Tooth:
  This month you cut your first tooth!  Not without a few tears and screams, but a tooth did pop out.  Your bottoms right tooth came out first.  Hopefully the second quickly follows.

Doctor Appointment(s):  You had a special appointment earlier in the month that I have been looking forward to for a while.  You got your ears pierced!  Everything went as planned and you even gave the Doc a big smile after she finished.

Looking Forward:
  I am looking forward to the time when I walk into your room after your nap or first thing in the morning and you are standing up holding onto the railing with that big grin of yours.  That will be a great day!


Sunday, February 26, 2017


I think this is an interesting article.  I'm going to leave this right here.  If you want to share your thoughts please be adult about it.  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Salt and Pepper Shakers

When we got married we were given these salt and pepper grinders.  Six years later and not only am I bored with them, but the flaws in the design are become more and more annoying to me.  Who knew you could be annoyed with a salt and pepper grinder?

I don't know that you can see it on our counter, but the grinders leave bits all over the counter or any other surface that you place them on.  Put it down on the table and when you lift it there will be salt/pepper.  It's insanely annoying!

There is nothing on the bottom to keep the salt/pepper from getting everywhere.  Believe me it doesn't seem annoying at first.  Six years later you get sick of cleaning the same spot with a sponge with every use.

I looked for a new set for a while, but gave up because these still work no matter how annoying they are to me.  While walking through target Hubs found these new ones. 

They seem to fit the criteria of things I was looking for in the new ones.

  • Both are grinders and even are adjustable in how course of a grind.  This is a nice bonus!
  • They have the grinders on the top more like the traditional shakers so they won't leave bits on the counter. 
  • No cap to put on and off to use them.
  • The grinders aren't bad looking.  They aren't the prettiest things I've seen, but they aren't the worst either.
  • Most of all they didn't cost nearly as much as other sets I have been looking at.  Thanks to a Target gift card they technically only cost me about $3 out of pocket.  

We have used them for a few weeks and I really, really like them.  I have on occasion put them grinder side down when we first started using them.  I guess old habits are hard to break.  A great little find in my opinion.

*This is NOT sponsored. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Baby Food for Eve

Much like with Bear, I wanted to make Eve's Baby food.  It's a pretty simple process in my opinion.  The food also tastes a million times better than the jar stuff.  I also like that I know exactly what is in it and can adjust them to the needs of my own kid.  

These are the two books that I really, really like to use for baby food.  I am starting off making everything individually then will make more combinations later.  It's easy to mix and match later on.

Both of these books I believe can be found in Amazon.  They aren't necessarily needed, however I like the hard copy to use for quick references.  

I started the morning off with a cup of coffee and a banana, well part of one as Bear stole the rest.  I set up everything I needed to cook for the morning.  The prep takes the longest.   The kids usually interrupt me a lot in the beginning making it take even longer.  

I put the steamer on the stove so the water could boil before I put the Black Plums in the basket.  Note I use filtered water since it is for the Baby.  Also peeling the plums was super easy with "tomato peeler."  That's at least what I know it as.  Really it will peel any soft items, like tomatoes, without turning them to shreds.

I chopped up the peels and tossed them in my yogurt.  I pitted the plums then diced it up.  I had to it a tiny bit off the top near the stem because it was starting to turn brown.

In the past, I just tossed them right into the food processor.  Puréed it up and frozen them.  This isn't terrible if you want a courser purée.  I wanted something smoother for Eve to start with so I steamed them before making them into a purée.  Reserve the water below because you can use it to to thin out the purée while adding some extra vitamins to it.  

For the pears, I peeled, cored, and diced them.  Next, I put a bit of filtered water in a non stick frying pan.  Added the diced pears and cooked them until they were tender.  They start out looking like this.

When they were almost done they looked more like this.  They were tender, but not mush.  I wanted to keep some texture to them.  When she gets older I will dice them significantly smaller and give them to her like this.  Since I needed a purée, I tossed it all into the food processor.  If you think you put too much water in the pan then pour a bit into cup just in case you need to thin it out.  Yes you can use filtered or baby water instead, but why throw away all those nutrients in the cooking liquid.

After making them into a purée I put them into these silicone trays.  One cube works out to about 1 fluid ounce.  Normally, I make sure they are filled to the brim.  The carrots (frozen, steamed, puréed) I filled each cup to capacity then 

Into the deep freezer they go.  

I forgot to snap a pic of them when I pulled them out.  Just picture these slightly higher in the trays because of they expand when frozen.  

In the past I have used Tupperware, but the Ziploc bags work the best.  Just make sure you label them.  Believe me it is not fun to play "guess the meal" with baby food.

The purées pop out relatively easily.  Obviously, the less time they are out of the freezer the less messy this gets.  I recommend pulling one item out at a time while the rest are in the freezer.

The cubes stack nicely in the freezer bags.  You can store them vertically to save some space.  I like to keep them in bins since a dozen bags can get painful to switch around all the time looking for the right one.

I stack them in the freezer until needed.  They would be in the deep freezer, but I am trying empty that out.  You can also make these in bulk and store it in a freezer for up to 6 months.  

Saturday, February 18, 2017

She has a Tooth!

Eve just cut her first tooth!  Her bottom front right tooth just popped out this very morning.  She has been uber cranky lately and obviously chewing everything she can get her hands on.  Well we have one tooth down and likely one more to go very soon.  By the looks of things, I would give it a day or two until the next one makes it appearance.

In case you can see it...

...there it is!

One little tooth that just cut through today.  She seems thrilled about it as you can see.  For now, I guess we give her all the teething rings.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why Didn't We Buy This Sooner?!?!

We try to have a movie or family night a couple times a month.  Most of the time that includes homemade popcorn.  A novelty to me, Hubs grew up getting it.  It's a lot better than the microwave version that I typically burn.  Like normal we were walking around Target and just picked this up on whim.  We LOVE it! bear most of all.  I think that is because he can help since it's so stinkin' easy!

The big bowl is needed if you fill it to the max.

The lid on the top is also used for measuring out the kernels.  This was the max amount.  There are some that "jump" out of the machine before ever getting a chance to pop.  We toss them back in the way the came  out until it starts to pop. 
Bear is not allowed to do this step.  
Does anyone have a popcorn machine that does this?

Bears' favorite part.

I can't blame him.  It smells so yummy!

He's patiently waiting.  If only you could hear his commentary for it!

Ready to go after a pinch of salt!

Yes, my movie pick was Christmas Vacation.
Christmas may be over, but there is snow coming down outside.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Eve got her ears pierced!

Yup, you read that correctly!  My 6 month old little girl got her ears pierced by one of the doctors in the practice.   She did amazingly well! 

Eve naturally cried after her right ear was pierced.  She wasn't losing it too much so the Doc gave her about a minute or so before doing the left ear.  When it was all done she calmed down quickly.  She even gave the Doc a big smile.  

She will keep these in for 8-10 weeks.  I will likely keep them in closer to 10 weeks just to be on the safe side.  When I clean them, I check to see that the backings are secure and everything looks good. So far we haven't had any problems with them.  After that I will likely change them to the pale pink pair we picked up for her.

When we got home I proceeded to take a billion pictures while she happily played.  These are all from about 30 minutes after she got them done.

She hasn't touched them or even shown any sign that they bother her.  Which is exactly why I got them done at this age.  

I told her to smile and this is what she did.  I'm guessing she sick of the camera being shoved in her face.  I'll let you go back to playing as normal now. 

I have to say I love the earrings on her.  There is just something so sweet about it.  I had mine done at the same age and I'm glad I could do the same thing for her.

Monday, February 13, 2017


Stop growing so fast!  In one big swoop Eve has now outgrow her bouncy seat and her Sleep and Rock.  The days are numbered for her swing too.  Back in December I saw her do this.

Sitting up in a seat like this means she's outgrown it. However, it was only that one time.  Since then I have only put her in this when she was already asleep and I'm in the room to watch when she wakes up.  

Then she did this.


Not good!  This is obviously not safe.  Even more so since she is elevated off the ground.  Ever since she sat up in her sleep and rock she has been trying to sit up in her bouncy seat.  The last three times I put her in it I had to take her out of it within 5 minutes because she's trying to sit up.  We want to keep her safe so she won't be using them anymore.  Which now means that we have two infant items that can leave this house.

She has yet to actually sit up in the swing or even attempt to.  There being a full harness makes that a bit more difficult for her.  I know it's just a matter of time before she starts to try.  When she does make that first attempt it will be gone too!  

Yes I know she doesn't have the harness on in this picture.  I was about to take her out so relax people.  

It's sad to know I won't need these items again so let's reminisce by looking at come pictures of the kids in the kids them!

We didn't have the sleep and rock for Bear, but he did use the swing and bouncy seat a ton!

It's sad to not need these items anymore, but I need to make way for all the new things she will need the older she gets.  

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