Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Elephant in the Room

I've mention in passing that hubs is getting out of the military and that what we are moving, but I have never really addressed it.  Now that the dust has settled a bit I guess it's time to talk about the elephant in the room.

Hubs is getting out of the military.  As most of you know Hubby is an Army Officer, a Captain to be exact.  He has spent the last 15 years of his life with the Army.  He did 4 years at West Point, graduated and hasn't looked back once.  He has done two long deployments, assisted with the relief effort of several disasters (Katrina and Sandy among others) and spent countless hours helping others while doing what was needed to get the job done.  He was and is a great Officer.  

So how did we get here?

A little over a year ago Hubby was passed over for promotion.  He was bummed to say the least, but pushed on anyway.  We had another move and waited it out until the next list.  It would decide hubs fate with the Army.  If he made the promotion list and got picked up he planned to work until retirement.  If he didn't, well it's basically a pink slip.  The list came out and (as you already know) hubby's name was not on the list.  As a two time non-select you are given a few months of transition out of the military.  It's the same process one would go through if they retired or choice to leave the military.  You can get assistance with everything from writing a resume to how to buy a house.  They have a bunch of classes and Hubs wants to take full advantage of them.

Why wasn't he promoted?

Well this is tough question to answer.  There are no bad marks against him in his file or anything that would be glaringly obvious as to why he didn't make it.  He has talked with many superiors and they all are scratching their heads wondering why he didn't make it.  Whatever criteria that they were looking for, Hubs just unfortunately didn't have.  I know this bothers him and understandably so.  If I was in his position I would not have handled it even half as well as he has.  For now we are looking forward to what this next chapter holds.  

Which brings me to the moving aspect.  We are not looking to stay here in Maryland.  It was just fine for now, but the desire to find a more permanent and desirable location is ever present.  Any new location is obviously going to be job dependent.  We are looking at different areas of the country for jobs.  Yes, I am applying to jobs as well because at least one of us needs a job somewhere before he is officially out.  Since our lease does not cover ETS in the military clause (most don't) we have to leave when the lease is up.  That happens to be this summer which is the busiest time for military moves.  Our goal is to move before that hits.  Again this is all job dependent, but we will be moving one way or another.

Yes, the military is going to move us one final time.  Unlike in a voluntary separation (ie. retirement) they will move you, to my knowledge just about anywhere.  We have been told that we are not stuck to the traditional limitations because of why he was leaving the military.  Usually that limit is the distance from your current location to your home of record.  For us that would not be very far as we are close to hubs home of record.  That's no where close to where we are looking for jobs so we are thankful for that exception!  We are still limited to the standard PCS aspects like weight limits and such of someone of his rank.  

I'm anxious, but optimistic about all of this.  There are a million unanswered questions at the moment.  Lots of uncertainty.  Lots to get done.  I'm trying to do what I can and just go with the flow.  There are just a lot of major life changes and decisions going on at once right now.  I need to remember that...

This Too Shall Pass


  1. Sending lots of good thoughts your way!!! Hugs!

  2. What a bummer. We were in the same situation but Hubs got picked up the second time so we are staying in. I'm sorry but now you guys will be able to plant down some deep roots!

    1. We are waiting to hear back about this new board to see how things pan out. Either way we will land on our feet.


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