Thursday, January 19, 2017

Summer Sausage Kit

In an effort to clean out the pantry, Hubs decided to use the kit I got him for his birthday to make summer sausage.  He picked up some meat from the store then took over my kitchen.

He chopped the Beef and Pork up.

Emptied the bowl so he could do the first grind into it

This was how it came out.

Once he finished grinding all the meat he hand mixed in the two packets.
(following the directions obviously!)

The mixture then goes back through the grinder once again.

We wanted to do some smaller ones so hubby cut the casing in half and crimped the ends.

They sat in the fridge for a while before going into the oven the next day.  

It took longer than expected to get the internal temp just right.

After cooking naturally for a while on the counter we packaged them up in the vacuum seal bags.

They came out much better than expected!

This is one we will definitely buy and make again! 


Your thoughts?

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