Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Out with the old...

There is something about a move that makes you acutely aware of just how much stuff that you own.  The closet in the hall that you never open because eighteen blankets may topple onto you.  That kitchen cabinet of stuff you never use anymore.  The bookshelf that is teeming with books you already read or the baskets of odds and ends that belong else where.  They all begin to frustrate you more and more like an itchy sweater.  It needs to be addressed, but where do you start?

Knowing that we are moving in a few short months to we don't know where yet, the urge to toss out half my house has gotten me off my butt and moving.  Today I started with the three baskets in the bedroom.  I consider them my version of a junk drawer.  Everything seems to find its way into them.  Receipts, loose change, three packs of crayons, and dozens of buttons are just the tip of the iceberg.  

Oh why did I let it get this bad?

Most of the stuff got tossed out and the rest got put where it belongs.  I spent the following 10 minutes running around the house pulling the buttons out of the bags and putting them in the sewing kit.  The crayons went back into the craft cabinet.  The matchbox cars went back into Bears' case.  Things were getting cleaning, but the more places I looked at the more overwhelmed I got.

Why are there loose crayons and empty boxes in the craft cabinet?

Does this child really need that many cars?

We may need new baskets if these ones don't survive their 5th move.

I just dusted that last week.  How is it dirty already?

Is that really another f@#king matchbox car?

I did managed to resist the urge to jump from project to project when putting the stuff away.  It did help that I finished the baskets completely and then put the items where they belonged.  Normally, I put them where they go once I have a handful of stuff for one spot, get distracted and clean something else.  Doing it all at the end kept me from bouncing around from task to task.  Since I had extra time at the end I was able to pick up the loose crayons and even take out the trash.  That is one small to do item that got crossed off the ever growing long list of things to go through.  My craft closet may be next.  I'm already cringing thinking about it.  If you have any extra cleaning fairies please send them my way!  


  1. Can we share the cleaning fairies?! Haha!

    1. If I find them I will send half your way!


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