Monday, January 23, 2017

Hubs does Meal Prep

This week Hubs wanted to try his hand at meal planning / meal prep.  We are taking our health a bit more seriously lately and have both been doing two meal replacement shakes a day with one actual meal.  Relax people I can feel the emails already.  We have talked with medical professionals that see nothing wrong with doing this.  That said an average day includes two shakes, some fruit and veggies for snacking on, and one healthy meal.  The meal is eaten whenever we want.  Some days it's lunch, but more often its a early dinner.  

 We use these for our shakes.  Its pretty on par with the fitness brand versions only we get this from the PX with coupons for a much more reasonable price.  

Poor hubby did have some limitations.  I needed to use the 10 chicken breasts in the freezer meaning we would be eating them for every meal that week.  This doesn't bother us.  It is an added bonus that Hubs is doing this too because then I can add more variety to what is made.  The other stipulation was that he needed to try to use up a decent amount of whats in the pantry.  

On to what he made...

 He marinated eight of the chicken breasts in different homemade marinades several hours before cooking.  Then cooking them all on the same try at the same time.  While the chicken was cooking he steamed the green beans then the Broccoli.  He made the stuffing and then the chicken rice-a-roni.  

 I thought the juices would run way more than they did.  

 The marinates are listed on the picture, but they look delicious.  He sliced the chicken while I plated the sides.  

 an overview of the meals

These are the larger 6 cup Pyrex storage containers.  We could use the 3 cup sizes we have, but we like extra veggies as well as allowing for extra space for better reheating.   

His first meal was chicken with fajita mix and Texas caviar (onions, black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, minus the cilantro) with chips.  Yes, chips.  

 This second meal was teriyaki chicken with steamed broccoli over white rice.  He prefers the rice to be cooked the day of.  I personally don't mind reheating it.

 The third meal is ranch chicken, steamed green beans, and chicken flavored rice-a-roni.  It's an easy meal that used up some pantry and freezer veggies.

 For his fourth meal he seasoned the chicken with adobo, steamed broccoli, and make stuffing.  It didn't come as fluffy as he wanted but he tasted delicious.  

The final dinner happened to be the meal we were eating that night.  Some things just taste better when made fresh.  Any breaded chicken tastes better fresh.  Hubs made a pretzel crusted chicken over left over romaine lettuce and a bag of iceberg lettuce mix (cabbage, dried cranberries, sesame seeds, and pomegranate vinaigrette).   

Bear has food from each of the meals pulled aside for him.  He can pick and choose what he wants to eat each day from that or I make him his own meal if needed.  We do try to eat as a family at the kitchen table even if we are all eating different meals.  The older he gets the less likely we are to be doing meals this way, but for now it works for us.

Do you meal prep or meal plan?  What are your go to meals?


  1. Oh how I wish kyle would meal prep for me haha! That would be so nice.

    1. Hubby likes cooking and hasn't had much of a chance to so he said he would he wanted to do the cooking this week. He did a great job and I am thankful for the help!


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