Friday, January 20, 2017

Favorites on Friday

Friday is upon us and here are a few of my favorite things...(I just sang that last part in my head as I typed it.)

Pretty thank you cards - sure plenty of places sell cheap thank you cards, but Target seems to make super cute ones!  I found these stashed away and had to get them.  Yes, I still hand write thank you notes.  I think it's a shame more people don't! 

Cutthroat kitchen and Camp Cutthroat - I love this show mainly for Alton Browns response or reactions to what they are cooking along with the hysterical situations they get put in.  

Packing up the pump - EV is totally done getting any more boob juice from me.  The freezer supply is gone and my supply has almost completely dried up.  The pumped served its purpose, but I am physically and mentally done with all of that.  Boxing up the pump and parts up was a huge relief.  For now it will stay in storage until we figure out what we are doing or what I want to do with it.  

Thoughtful gifts - My in laws are very thoughtful when it comes to gift giving.  This year for Christmas they gave us a Tabasco gumbo bowls and a bottle of white wine to go with it.  We don't need any dishes, but pretty ones I will never turn down.  These have already been used on two separate occasions since we got them.  We tried their recipe and it was good.  I think we will stick with the recipe we acquired while in Louisiana.  As far as the bowls go, they were the perfect size for me.  Even if I did have to go back for seconds.
They suggest a California Chardonnay.

Snow - I love the winter not just for the cold weather.  I really love the winter for the snow.  There is just something about that every time it snows I become a little kid again.  The excitement hits and I want to run outside.  I don't even mind shoveling it.  Now that I have kids I feel like I have an excuse for acting like goof.  


  1. I am loving those thank you cards, they are perfect! I need to get some new ones.

    1. Target Dollar Spot. They always have the best ones!

  2. I love Cutthroat Kitchen! And it's always sad when pumping time is done. :/

    1. I wish they would update the app so i could watch more episodes! It's a mixed bag of emotions.


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