Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Eve's First food

Two weeks ago, I decided to give Eve her first taste of baby food.  
Rice cereal counts as food to me, though I know others don't.  
I feel like it is a good (and cheap) starting point for my little one.

She did not seem thrilled with this idea at first.  Hardly any stayed in her mouth.  Once you got a good taste of it she seemed eager to try more.  I would be loading up the spoon and her mouth would already be open with arms flapping in excitement.  I used this as an opportunity to reinforce some baby signs like "more", "eat", "YAY/celebrations".


It was hit with her!  She enjoys eating real food and not just total liquid.  Every day since she has gotten super excited whenever I come near her with a brightly colored bowl in my hand.  After her 6 month checkup at the end of this week I plan to kick it up a bit.  Since she doesn't seem to have any of issues with feeding in general, I am thinking of starting with pumpkin.


Your thoughts?

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