Thursday, January 12, 2017

Deal of the Day

I've talked about the "deal if the day" before in a similar context.  Much like the home shopping networks, my father and I dub the best deal from a yard sales (or wherever) the deal of the day.  On a recent yard sale venture I stumbled upon a few good finds like $1 Disney movies that we didn't own and even some good kids books.  None of these beat the deal of the day.  

I saw these tonka trucks and mulled it over for a bit before texting the picture to Hubby for his thoughts.  They were part metal, but they were big and bulky.  A whopping $2 each and in like new condition if cleaned the cobwebs off, yet I still questioned getting them.  Before Hubby could respond I was already handing over the $4 and carrying them back to the car.   

I figured for the money if Bear trashed them we could easily toss them out before we moved.

It wasn't until we made a trip to the store later that day that I realized what a good deal I had found.

Toys R Us was selling the exact same excavator (what I'm calling it) for $40.  The dump truck appears to be an couple of years old, but it's new counterpart is $50.  I'd say my $4 dollars were well spent.

I cleaned them up just before Bear run them through the dirt again.  If you can't tell from the pictures, he LOVES them!  

Another decent deal I found were these Disney cars for 50 cents a piece.  They run anywhere from $4-6 dollars brand new.  If there is anything I have learned it that's you can't have too many McQueen's in this house.  

Frankly, kids grow out of things so quickly that I don't mind looking for things like this that same me a boatload of cash and get my kid the toys he wants. 


  1. You can never go wrong with deals like this!

  2. Whew those are some killer deals!

    1. I was shocked to find them. Bear loves them so much!


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